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5 Best Scents for Hot Tub Aromatherapy

A soak in a Wellis USA hot tub is, hands down, one of the most incredible ways to achieve a more relaxed state. But did you know that you can take that calm state to the next level with hot tub aromatherapy? Our team knows that a soak in a luxury European hot tub from Wellis® is a full-body experience, so we’ve designed our spas from the CityLine and PeakLine collections with that holistic approach in mind. 

We all know just how impactful a simple aroma can be. One sniff of warm sugar cookies can instantly transport you back to your grandmother’s kitchen or the smell of popcorn takes you back to a ball game or movie theater. Hot tub aromatherapy is just one more level of a sensual experience that can make your hot tub soak amazing. And you can harness the power of hot tub aromatherapy with these five scents. 

1. Lavender

Likely, the most well-known scent for aromatherapy of any kind, is lavender, and you can use this powerful botanical in your own hot tub. Lavender is a popular choice for hot tub aromatherapy for several good reasons. 

For one, lavender is well known to help relieve symptoms of mild anxiety for some people, which means the smell alone can help you relax (that is, if you find it pleasing). Additionally, there’s some evidence that lavender can help people sleep better. Less anxiety and better sleep are both excellent reasons that lavender is one of the best scents for hot tub aromatherapy. 

2. Eucalyptus 

Our next best scent for hot tub aromatherapy is eucalyptus. It’s not just good for koala bears, it’s also good for people. Eucalyptus is great for your respiratory system if you’ve got the sniffles. It’s also great for keeping away bugs while you soak in your Wellis Spa during the summer months. And it’s good for helping relieve some joint pain. 

If you like a bit of bite to your aromatherapy, eucalyptus is a great scent to try with some great benefits. 

3. Orange Blossom

If a fruity scent is more your aromatherapy preference, then you can try the orange blossom scent for a delightful experience. Orange blossom can possibly help relieve stress, which makes it a wonderful scent for hot tub aromatherapy. And who doesn’t love a floral citrus smell, especially while you soak deeper into the warm waters and massage jets of your spa from Wellis?

4. Rosemary

Moving on, rosemary is another fabulous scent that you should absolutely try when you’re enjoying hot tub aromatherapy in your Wellis Spa. Rosemary is a great scent for stress relief, and it seems to have some other potential health benefits, like reduced inflammation.

It also smells lovely. So, if you enjoy an herby aroma, then rosemary is an excellent choice for your hot tub aromatherapy session.

5. Your Choice

Wellis carries a line of aromatherapy products for your spa (which include the scents we’ve already mentioned on our list), but you can also add other spa aromatherapy options of your choice to your hot tub session as well. 

We do recommend that you research essential oils and other products prior to using them in your spa to ensure that they’re safe for use in your hot tub and on your body. Some good scents could be spearmint, vanilla, or citrus. 

Hot Tub Aromatherapy in Your Wellis Spa 

Whichever scent you choose to use for your hot tub aromatherapy sessions, you’ll be sure to experience an entirely new level of whole-body relaxation. And why stop at just one scent? Don’t limit yourself. You’ve got time to try many different aromas and see what works best for you in different seasons. If you’re not yet experiencing the full-body benefits of a spa from Wellis USA, contact a dealer near you today and experience the full benefits of your Wellis hot tub and aromatherapy.