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What is the Best Brand of Luxury Hot Tub in 2022?

By July 1st, 2022News

What is the Best Brand of Luxury Hot Tub in 2022?

wellis luxury hot tub

Hot tubs and spas have been utilized for relaxation, socialization, and health and wellness for millennia. The earliest known instances of people building artificial hot water spas dates back to the Roman Empire. However, the modern spa was invented in the 1960s, and has gained in widespread use and popularity ever since. What is the difference between a “luxury hot tub” and any other spa? More importantly, what’s the best brand of luxury hot tubs you can invest in for 2022? 

What Defines a ‘Luxury Hot Tub’ in 2022?

Luxury hot tubs are differentiated from entry-level and mid-range spas by several qualities:

  • Luxury hot tubs provide hydrotherapy in the form of jets, located in all the seats of the hot tub, including upright seats and loungers. Usually, there are additional jets in the footwells, and other strategic hydrotherapy points along the interior of the tub.
  • Luxury hot tubs feature elegant designs that look good as well as offering superior functionality.
  • Luxury hot tubs are designed with high-quality insulation, making it easier to keep the water hot, even in cold weather. This lowers energy consumption, while also providing a more comfortable soak.
  • Luxury hot tubs come with standard features well above what’s provided on lower-end spas.
  • A better variety of optional features and accessories are generally available for luxury hot tubs and spas.

Which Hot Tubs Have the Best Quality in 2022?

What determines the quality of a luxury hot tub?

Better insulation

The Wellis line of luxury hot tubs features polyfoam insulation, as opposed to the single-layer spray foam insulation used on many spas in 2022. Polyfoam is superior due to its triple-layer construction, holding heat in while also repelling the cold air from outside.

Additional benefits of polyfoam insulation include its non-allergenic properties, resistance to mildew, resistance to condensation, resistance to bacteria, odorless, lightweight and flexible, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, and CFC-free technology.

Better Covers

The thermal covers manufactured by Wellis offer the highest level of thermal insulation available, keeping energy costs at the absolute minimum. These covers feature marine-grade UV resistant outer covers, with a sloped top surface so that water runs off easily and quickly. This prevents the most common problems among other hot tub covers, which hold water that eventually seeps into the cover leading to permanent sagging, mold and mildew, and weight damage.

Better Materials

The shell is the exterior of the hot tub, and obviously you want your luxury hot tub to come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your backyard look. But look deeper than the beauty, because a true luxury spa shell is constructed of superior materials that provides excellent insulation, sound insulation, and one that is produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Wellis is in the lead in luxury hot tubs for the 2022 model year, providing Poli-Max™ reinforced shells on all their spas, including the Peak Line, CityLine, and MyLine series. The outer surface is treated with antimicrobial acrylic. That is backed by the ABS polymer layer for strength and durability. All this is supported by robotically applied polyurethane to provide additional strength and stability, as well as optimal thermal insulation.

Better Designs

A luxury hot tub must also look good! Wellis is known for its sleek, European designs, and an array of modern color options. With multiple choices for shell and interior finishes, you can have a completely customized look for your Wellis luxury hot tub.

Better (More Powerful) Jets

It’s a misconception among consumers that the number of jets in a hot tub indicates a better hydrotherapy massage experience. The truth is, massage therapy is directly related to the power of the jet pumps, not the number of jets in the tub. Don’t be fooled by a spa that boasts tons of jets when the power of the pump isn’t sufficient to deliver a thorough massage across that many jets. Look for the number of pumps over the number of jets.

For example, the Wellis Olympus offers three pumps, whereas many of the lower-quality spas on the market feature only one or two pumps. The Olympus is part of the Peak Line of Wellis hot tubs, one of the best picks among luxury hot tubs in 2022.

Which Hot Tubs Can be Delivered Quickly in 2022?

One thing that differentiates luxury hot tubs in 2022 is the supply chain obstacles. Many hot tub manufacturers are delayed by 6-12 weeks, and others are unable to even offer a timeline for delivery. If your heart’s set on getting your spa in time to enjoy it in 2022, Wellis has taken steps in their sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping processes to assure timely delivery. This is one more reason that Wellis Peak Line, CityLine, and MyLine spas are named among the best brands of luxury hot tubs in 2022!