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Where Can I Get Wellis Spa Accessories?

By July 1st, 2022News

Where Can I Get Wellis Spa Accessories?

wellis spa accessories cover and lifter

You just can’t wait to get started on the premier hot tub ownership experience in the world. You’ve looked and looked for just the right hot tub for your home. And now you’ve found it in your favorite Wellis® spa. But you may be asking, “Where can I get Wellis spa accessories?” At Wellis USA, we have just the answer.

What Accessories are Available for My Wellis Spa?

If you are going to be a hot tub owner, you might as well maximize your enjoyment. With Wellis spa accessories, you can make the most of your time in your favorite space. From covers and cover lifters to protective bags and more, Wellis is here to make sure that your hot tub is protected and cared for. 

A Wellis Cover and Cover Lifter

The first accessory you need is the right hot tub cover. Wellis manufactures each cover to be perfectly compatible with your spa selection. Not only is your cover custom designed to the exact specifications of your spa model, but it also offers the highest quality goods and insulation to trap the heat right where it needs to be. With a buffer and vapor seal, as well as a marine-grade vinyl material, your cover is made not only to protect your hot tub but also to add to your spa’s efficiency, minimizing heat loss and water evaporation.

And when you want easy access to your gorgeous new Wellis spa, the Easy Lifter is just the right accessory to simply and effectively glide your hot tub cover on and off. With side mount compatibility, your hot tub needs minimal clearance. Featuring a powder-coated durability and anti-slip hand grips, you can rotate your cover into a protective privacy shield from neighbors. It will also keep your cover protected and off the ground. Then when you are done, simply use the Easy Lifter to glide your cover back in place and securely lock it. It couldn’t be more simple!

A Wellis Spa Bag

Do you want to minimize UV exposure and debris from damaging your beautiful spa’s exterior cabinet? The Wellis Spa Bag is a great way to fully enclose your hot tub for the ultimate protection. Whether spring pollen is in the air, you are away on vacation, or the dry dust of summer is blowing, a spa bag is a great way to avoid having to clean your spa’s exterior often.

Want some extra savings in the winter, too? A spa bag also adds another layer of insulation to your already incredible hot tub cover and shell. Enjoy reduced electrical costs and maximize savings with full spa bag coverage.

Other Accessories

Check with your local independent Wellis USA dealer to see what other accessories they offer. From steps to in-spa trays, towel racks, spa coolers, and more, the sky’s the limit on accessories that can make your hot tub use so much more enjoyable. 

Where Can I Get Wellis Spa Accessories?

Want to know just where to find all of these amazing additions? Your local independent Wellis dealer is your premier location for the leading European spas in the world, as well as all the accessories you need to go with it. From Wellis-specific accessories to in-spa games and more, check out your selection of hot tub owner offerings at your local Wellis showroom today.