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Where Can I Get a Hot Tub with a Smartphone App?

By July 5th, 2022News

Where Can I Get a Hot Tub with a Smartphone App?

hot tub with a smartphone app

You long for a luxurious life spent in the comfort of your own home spa. But you would also love a hot tub that you can operate remotely. If you are asking, “Where can I get a hot tub with a smartphone app?” we are here today to tell you that premier Wellis® spas offer sensational controls right from your handheld device. And trust us, smart spa ownership is better than you ever could have imagined.

Tell me more about a hot tub with a smartphone app!

Smart controls are swiftly becoming all the rage for backyard recreation. And, thankfully, Wellis® Spas leads the way in offering hot tub smart controls. Our in.touch 2™ control can be paired with your multi-function color touch-screen hot tub control panel.

Using your home’s Wi-Fi, your hot tub is connected wirelessly to your home. Once connected, you’ll have the amazing ability to both monitor and control your hot tub from afar. Are you at work and want to make sure your hot tub is heated by the time you get home? Simply open the app to bump up the temperature. On vacation and realize that your spa settings weren’t changed before you left? Hop on the app to put your spa in an energy-saving economy mode while you are away. See that your spa needs a little water care? You’ll know all the things that are happening with your hot tub at all times.

What can I access or control with my smartphone?

If you think this sounds amazing, you are absolutely correct! Having remote access to your hot tub with a smartphone app is an incredible way to take spa ownership to the next level. Experience access or control for:

  • Water-care settings and hot tub sanitation
  • Filtration cycles 
  • Water temperature 
  • Energy saving economy modes 
  • Music and audio
  • Access to your spa’s hot tub operation
  • Remote software updates and solutions
  • And more…

Want to know how your spa is doing? Enable push notifications to keep track of all your spa information even when your app isn’t open. Plus, you’ll be able to receive any manufacturer notifications if your spa is ever in need of specialized service. 

Smartphone app compatibility

Curious to see if your device is compatible with a Wellis spa or swim spa? Your in.touch 2™ control is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems – giving you the flexibility you need to monitor your spa from your smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices that has the app.

Adding optional Wi-Fi smart controls can be done with your hot tub purchase. Then, simply load the app to your smart device and connect your spa. You’ll have complete control over a multitude of functions. There couldn’t be an easier way to enjoy luxury European hot tub ownership.

Where can I get an incredible hot tub with a smartphone app?

Bringing home your new Wellis hot tub with a smartphone app is easy! Simply contact your closest Wellis USA dealer to get started. Your local independent dealer can show you all of the models and options compatible with the in.touch 2™ system to help you choose the premier spa for your space. And with controls that assist you in owning and maintaining your beautiful new retreat, you will be thrilled that you took the step into becoming a wonderful new Wellis hot tub owner!  Get started today on a life you’ll love.