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How Can I Control My Hot Tub with My Phone?

By July 1st, 2022News

How Can I Control My Hot Tub with My Phone?

woman in a hot tub

Ahh, the steamy comfort of the perfect hot tub. You go to bed at night thinking just how wonderful it would be to lean back and forget about the world, and you long for the relaxation and hydrotherapy that only the best spa can bring. Now you are thinking, “I need a spa that offers more convenience. But just how can I control my hot tub with my phone?” We are so glad you asked! 

With a premier European luxury spa from Wellis USA, it couldn’t be easier to monitor and manage your hot tub remotely. Just follow these simple steps for the most enjoyable spa ownership experience around.

Step 1: Find a spa that is smartphone compatible.

The first step for how to control my hot tub with my phone is to find the right spa. Thankfully, Wellis USA has incredible options that make your choice easy. Check out the Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, and Olympus models from our Peak Line series or the London and Paris models from our CityLine series that come complete with in.touch 2TM smartphone app compatibility. 

Whether you are looking for an intimate luxury spa with seating for your family or you need space with double loungers and enough room to seat a crowd, the Peak Line and CityLine series offer all of the best options for your home.

Step 2: Download your hot tub control app and set up your spa.

Once you’ve chosen the Wellis® hot tub that is right for you, it’s time to get started on the amazing world of smart spa use. Download your in.touch 2 app from the App or Google Play stores. With iOS and Android compatibility, you can have touch screen convenience right at your fingertips.

Next, configure your in.touch 2 system with your home’s WiFi router. When you choose a spa with in.touch 2, you will receive two receivers. One of them will be preloaded in your spa’s interior. The other will set up easily inside your home. Once this is done and your app is loaded to your phone, you’ll have all the control you could ever want.

Step 3: Enjoy complete control of your hot tub remotely.

Now it’s time to enjoy smart spa ownership. Are you on your way home from being out of town and want a long soak after hours of being in a cramped car? Let your hot tub know that you are on your way and it’s time to get heated up. Does a hard day at work have your neck and shoulders in knots? Power up the jets from your smartphone for a hydromassage that’s unmatched. Whatever your situation, your hot tub can be ready and waiting with water care monitoring, temperature regulation, pump and jet control and so much more.

Are you ready to get started on the very best European luxury spa experience in the United States? It’s time to see just what you’ve been missing! Locate your nearest Wellis USA dealer today. Then, schedule your test soak in their showroom to experience the different options of each spa model to see which one is perfect for you. 

From in-spa music to aromatherapy, there are a plethora of options that can make your hot tub ownership experience absolutely amazing. And now that you know “how to control my hot tub with my phone,” there’s no going back. Your premier Wellis spa awaits.