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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Hot Tub in 2022

By July 22nd, 2022News

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Hot Tub in 2022

the perfect hot tub in 2022

The excitement is building as you get ready to make your final choice on a spa for your home. Any old hot tub just won’t do. You need the best! Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect hot tub in 2022.

Are European Hot Tubs Better than American Made? How to Find the Perfect Hot Tub in 2022.

There are a million things to consider when choosing the right hot tub for you. From seating options to jets, energy efficiency, and incredible hydromassage, getting the right spa is the ticket to year after year of unbelievable comfort and relaxation. 

The first thing to look for in choosing the perfect hot tub this year is where exactly your hot tub is manufactured. Are you good with any old run-of-the-mill tub with jets? Or would you rather have a hot tub created by people who have mastered the art of relaxation? If you are like most people, we know the answer is definitely the latter. 

So where are Wellis hot tubs made? We are so glad you asked. Your stunning Wellis ® spa is crafted in the center of natural thermal spring territory – in the beautiful country of Hungary. Known as one of the leading areas for natural springs worldwide, the owners of Wellis are no strangers to the rejuvenation nature of warm water therapy. And with a Wellis USA spa, you’ll be able to capture and bring home all the benefits that owning the leading European spa in the world has to offer.

How Much Does a Wellis Hot Tub Cost in 2022?

With Wellis USA, you’ll find an array of price points to fit any budget – starting with our entry-level MyLine spas and culminating in the highest level of luxury in our PeakLine series. Ranging from $7,000 to $25,000, you will find every seating and jet arrangement you can think of. And with add-on accessories, you’ll be able to customize a space that’s all your own.

Don’t think that a European luxury spa is out of reach. Contact your local Wellis USA dealer to ask about financing options available to you. You can divide your purchase into affordable, easy-to-achieve payments to get the highest level of hydrotherapy now. You’ll love every second in your beautiful new spa when you choose the perfect hot tub in 2022.

Boost Accessibility and Safety with a Hot Tub Cover and Cover Lifter 

After you locate just the right Wellis model, it’s time to focus on making your hot tub unbelievably easy to access. A spa that is simple to use is a spa that will be used often. First, a hot tub cover is important for safety and energy efficiency, as well as for protecting your spa. It might seem like it would be easier just to leave the cover off so you can use your hot tub anytime you want. But with the benefits that a hot tub cover offers, you’ll quickly see why you need to keep your cover on anytime your spa is not in use.

A locking cover keeps your spa safe at all times when you are not in it. Just like a fence surrounding a pool, your cover keeps children and pets from entering your spa without your knowledge. It also protects the shell and interior of your hot tub from damage.

And the energy efficiency perks just can’t be beat. You’ll have steamy water and balanced chemicals that won’t evaporate from an uncovered situation. So instead of ditching the cover, what you need is a cover lifter! The slide-and-glide action of the right cover lifter makes removing your hot tub cover so easy and convenient. Plus, your premium cover will never be left on rough concrete or ground where it can get damaged.

What Other Accessories Should I Get with My New Hot Tub?

A cover and cover lifter aren’t the only accessories you’ll want to get with the perfect hot tub in 2022. There are spa accessories that are totally worth the cost. Add convenient steps, a handrail, and an umbrella or a spa table for the ultimate spa enjoyment. Making entry and exit during your spa sessions unbelievably simple happens when you add Wellis spa steps. Plus, you’ll love the umbrella coverage from the elements as well as the convenience of a drink or snacks that are within reach.

Where can you get Wellis spa accessories? Your local Wellis dealer will be a great resource where you can find everything you need to put your spa sessions over the top.

Wireless Technology Takes Your Spa Enjoyment to a Whole New Level

Have you ever considered technological advancements to add to your new spa? Trust us – it will be well worth the effort. With a spa from Wellis USA, you can get a hot tub with a smartphone app that makes monitoring and controlling your spa completely remote. Are you stuck in traffic on the way home from work, and long for a spa session as soon as you walk in the door? Adjust your temperature, turn on your lights, change filtration cycles or set economy modes, and so much more. Remote monitoring changes the game of choosing the perfect hot tub in 2022. You can also add the WELLIS W.I.S. smart water analyzer to monitor your water chemistry!

And when entertainment is on your mind, there’s nothing better than a hot tub with Bluetooth® connectivity to let you stream your favorite tunes right to your in-spa speakers. Every day will be your favorite day with the leading spa accessories that you’ll only find in a luxury spa from Wellis USA.

With all of the incredible features and amenities found at Wellis, choosing the perfect hot tub in 2022 could not be easier. Get started on the hot tub ownership journey of a lifetime by locating your closest Wellis USA dealer today. You’ll be glad that a Wellis spa made the top of your list in your spa search this year!