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How to Work Bluetooth on a Luxury Hot Tub by Wellis

One of the best aspects of owning a luxury hot tub is being able to listen to music wirelessly while you enjoy your spa soak. Even though some hot tubs may require you to pull out a large stereo system along with all of your favorite tunes, luxury hot tubs are a completely different ballgame. Operating the Bluetooth® functionality of a Wellis® hot tub is likely easier than you think. All it takes to do so is a smartphone with the ability to connect to other Bluetooth devices. The steps involved in operating Bluetooth on a Wellis hot tub with audio options are as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Before You Get into the Hot Tub, Turn the Bluetooth on Your Mobile Device On

Bringing the mobile near your luxury hot tub is the first step in connecting to your spa’s Bluetooth. Make sure you have the Bluetooth function enabled before you enter the spa. This will allow your smart device to scan for other Bluetooth devices nearby, including your hot tub. Taking that into consideration, you should also ensure that no other device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth like earbuds or your vehicle. Doing so will ensure that you’re able to seamlessly connect your phone to your luxury hot tub.

2. Pair and Connect the Smartphone to the Hot Tub

Once you know for sure that your phone is free to be connected with other Bluetooth devices, the next step is to connect and pair it with your Wellis luxury hot tub. After selecting the hot tub from the list of available options to pair your smartphone with, you can connect to it. The process of the two devices connecting shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Afterwards, you should receive an alert from your phone informing you that your luxury hot tub and phone are now connected. Once you’re done using the Bluetooth connection, remember to go back into your Bluetooth settings to disconnect the device.

3. Turn on Your Favorite Playlist and Enjoy!

Once your smartphone has successfully been connected to your luxury hot tub, it’s time for the fun part. That is simply relaxing while enjoying your favorite tunes, game, audiobook, or podcast! There are numerous sources that will allow you to stream all of your favorites directly to the speakers of your luxury hot tub via Bluetooth. 

The ability to listen to your favorite music or other audio from the comfort of your warm, cozy luxury hot tub has the potential to make you the envy of all your friends and family. Considering how easy it is to work Bluetooth on a Wellis hot tub, you may be considering investing in one for your home. If so, it’s important to keep in mind that Wellis has incredible luxury hot tubs that are Bluetooth compatible for you to choose from.

More Information About Luxury Hot Tubs Available from Wellis USA

There are numerous benefits that come with the purchase of a Wellis hot tub. Investing in a luxury spa is a decision you’ll be glad you made for years to come. There are numerous reasons why that’s the case, too. Along with the ability to enjoy the water while listening to your favorite music, some models also come with mood lighting and aromatherapy capabilities.

The benefits that come with the purchase of a luxury hot tub extend to your physical health as well. Essentially, luxury hot tubs have the ability to allow you to enjoy the experience of a resort or spa directly from the comfort of your own home. For more information about purchasing a luxury hot tub from Wellis USA, locate your local Wellis dealer today!