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4 Surprising Special Features in a Wellis Hot Tub

Several of our Wellis® hot tub models have surprising special features that set them apart from any other hot tub. A hot tub is a major investment, and it’s definitely worth it, especially one from Wellis USA. But you want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best when you finally decide which hot tub is for you. 

That means you need to consider all of the details, including these four surprising special features from the CityLine and PeakLine collections of Wellis USA.

1. Aromatherapy

Our first entry in our list of surprising special features in a Wellis hot tub is aromatherapy. Several of our Wellis Spa models, including the Monte Rosa and the London spa models, offer aromatherapy as an option while you relax in your hot tub.

Just like stress is a whole-body experience, so is relaxation. And your sense of smell is a powerful tool. The aromatherapy system in your Wellis hot tub can help you relax more thoroughly and deeply by engaging your olfactory powers. 

And it’s super easy. You just need to insert an aromatherapy cartridge or essential oil into the proper place on your spa, and the aroma of your choosing will diffuse throughout the water, creating a beautiful sensory experience that will keep you coming back for more.    

2. MyMusic™ Sound System 

And, since we’re on the topic of full-body experiences, many of our Wellis hot tub models also have the incredible myMusic™ sound system for the perfect mood music. If you’re looking to relax and unwind, you can play some gentle smooth jazz or instrumental music to ease away the stress of the day. 

Or, if you’re looking to set a more romantic atmosphere, change the music selection via Bluetooth® directly from your phone. 

No matter what mood you’re looking to set, the myMusic sound system makes it possible, and it also makes number two on our list of surprising special features in a Wellis hot tub. 

3. Color Therapy Lighting

Third on our list of surprising special features is the color therapy lighting system. Our bodies are greatly influenced by the world around them, and our body’s sensory systems are responsible for processing the information around us. 

If you want your hot tub experience to be as relaxing as possible, color therapy lighting might be a surprising special feature you might not have considered. 

The ability to change and choose different hues of light will greatly affect your mood and your ability to relax. So, it matters. Our Wellis hot tubs give you the opportunity to change the lighting in your spa to match your needs. 

4. InTouch 2™ System

For hot tubs from our Wellis CityLine collection, the inTouch 2™ system is last on our list of surprising special features. The inTouch system is a tool that can be installed on your Wellis hot tub so that you can connect your hot tub to your phone or other smart device and monitor its function.

It’s basically a control that connects via Wi-Fi to your smart device and alerts you of any error messages that come up for your hot tub. That way, you can address any issue as soon as possible, which can make a difference in the overall functionality of your Wellis spa. 

Find a Dealer for These Surprising Special Features Near You 

You already know that Wellis spas are of the highest quality, but now you know a little bit more about why that’s true. There is a plethora of surprising special features that come on the different hot tub options from Wellis USA, and you have the opportunity to consider what’s best for you. 

But you need to find a dealer near you to make that a reality. Now’s the time. Find a dealer or get a quote today