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How Does Water Sanitation Work in a Hot Tub?

Water sanitation for hot tub owners is a reasonable consideration. With the potential for several different users to be in the same water that is changed once every few months, clean water is absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, modern processes for water sanitation make water care for your Wellis® hot tub easy and safe. Once you have a clear understanding of just how the water sanitation process works, you’ll likely never think much about it again.

So, how does water sanitation work in a hot tub? Pretty efficiently. 

Water Sanitation Chemically

One of the most important lines of defense when it comes to water care and maintaining your hot tub’s water is keeping the proper chemical balance. Overall chemical balance is what’s going to give you sparkling, clear water. And it’s going to make your hot tub sanitary. 

When it comes to actual sanitizers, typical options are bromine or chlorine. Both are effective options when it comes to water care for your Wellis hot tub. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t neglect the other chemicals necessary for clear water. 

Your full chemical lineup for proper water care of your Wellis hot tub will include chemicals for alkalinity, pH, calcium, and sanitization. You’ll want to test your water for these levels pretty regularly — around twice a week or so. Then adjust your levels accordingly. 

All of these chemicals work together to keep your water clean and safe for your comfort and enjoyment. 

Physical Water Care

The other half of proper water care is the actual physical cleanliness of your Wellis hot tub water. That’s where the mechanical components of your hot tub come into play, along with your regular maintenance and care.

You need to regularly remove debris from your hot tub manually and make sure you have a properly functioning cover to keep the vast majority of debris out. By keeping things like sticks, hairs, and leaves out of your hot tub water, you’re contributing to the overall sanitation of your Wellis spa. Everything is just cleaner if you can keep debris out because your filter and the pump can work more efficiently. 

Proper water care also means you should drain your spa water and clean your spa every three to six months with a dedicated spa cleaner. This just ensures that your pipes are getting a chance to clear out any build-up and start fresh and new. 

Wellis Sanitation Systems

And speaking of fresh and new, our Wellis hot tubs are designed with water sanitation in mind.

Depending on the Wellis Spa model you choose, your spa could have a UV-C sanitation system or an ozone sanitation system. Both systems are designed to add an extra level of sanitation protection for you and anyone who enjoys your hot tub. And the process happens as your hot tub water is circulated through the filter. 

The filtration system on your Wellis hot tub is also accessible for cleaning or filter replacement. So, we also recommend regularly cleaning your spa filters for proper water care and sanitation. With chemical balance, regular maintenance, and your Wellis filtration and sanitation systems, you can rest assured that your water sanitation is taken care of. 

Enjoy Your Own Wellis Hot Tub

While hot tub water sanitation is an important topic to be educated about, it’s not a complicated process once you get the proper education and a little experience under your belt. And the benefits and enjoyment of a Wellis hot tub far outweigh the necessary maintenance. 

So, now’s the time to find the perfect Wellis Spa model for you and your guests. Take just a moment to find a dealer near you and then bring home your very own Wellis hot tub for the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment.