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When Is the Best Time to Work Out in a Swim Spa?

The best time to work out in a swim spa is whenever you’d like. But there can be a few reasons why one time of day might be better than another. 

So, when it comes to planning your workout in your Wellis® USA swim spa, you’ll want to take a couple of factors into account. The good thing is that whenever you decide to work out, you’ll have an excellent time doing it. 

Your Wellis Swim Spa Is Ready When You Are

The beautiful thing about being the proud owner of a Wellis swim spa is that you have a full swim workout available to you at literally any time of the day, any time of the year. You don’t have to consider operating hours. And, except in extremely rare circumstances, you don’t even have to consider the weather because your swim spa is heated. 

So, truthfully, there are no restrictions on when you can work out in a swim spa, but there could be some strategy involved. 

Optimize Your Workout in a Swim Spa

If you’re thinking in terms of optimizing your workout in a swim spa, the time of day that you choose to work out can make a difference. There is some evidence that working out in the morning before eating can give your body an extra boost. 

You’ll start your day off in a super-healthy way, and chances are, you’ll be more productive the rest of the day because you’ve already done some of the hardest work. 

If you’re not a morning person, don’t sweat it… Sweating it out in the afternoon can be pretty beneficial itself. You may have more energy because you’ve already had a chance to eat.

Furthermore, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a workout in a swim spa at night, either. The most important thing is that you’re actually exercising. If you notice that a certain time of the day doesn’t work well for you, switch it up.

There’s no magic time of the day that will be optimal for every body. So, listen to yours. The more you pay attention to your own body, the more you’ll learn your own rhythms and patterns and learn when your optimal workout window is. Your Wellis swim spa will always be ready and waiting for you whenever you’re ready to get that workout in. 

Take Advantage of That Post-Workout Hot Tub Soak

And when is the best time to take advantage of your Wellis swim spa’s hot tub area? Post workout. The absolute best thing about your Wellis swim spa is the fact that you can immediately rest and relax your muscles after you work out in a swim spa. 

So, if you’re a morning swimmer, plan a little time to relax in the hot tub portion of your swim spa before you move on with your day. You’ll be energized and ready to go.

If you’re working out on your lunch break, do the same. And especially if you’re working out at night, give your body that extra care it needs to relax away any muscle tension from your workout for deep sleep and rest. 

Get a Wellis Swim Spa for the Win

What it all boils down to is your willingness to take excellent care of your body. Whether you need to work out in the morning or the evening, what matters is the workout. A Wellis swim spa is the perfect way to make sure you can work out whenever you’re ready. 

If you’re not already the proud owner of a Wellis swim spa, now is the time. Find a dealer near you, so you can do your workout in a swim spa whenever you please.