3 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in Your Wonderful Wellis Spa

Looking for ways to celebrate the 4th of July in your wonderful Wellis® Spa? In the summertime, living really is easy with a luxury hot tub, and you should celebrate that with your closest friends and family members, especially for our nation’s birthday. 

So, let’s brainstorm some ideas for the most relaxing and luxurious ways you can celebrate Independence Day in your luxury Wellis Spa. 

1. 4th of July BBQ and Spa Soak

Since your gorgeous Wellis Spa is likely located in your backyard, what better excuse for a backyard BBQ than the 4th of July? And what better way to make sure that you and your guests are totally relaxed than with a soak in your wonderful Wellis Hot Tub?

We know that a backyard BBQ to celebrate Independence Day can hinge on cliché, but we prefer to think of it more as a classic choice, tried and true. 

And because your Wellis Spa is the epitome of luxury, why not gussy up your BBQ fixings as well? If you’re up to it, trade hamburgers and hot dogs for marinated skewers and smoked brats. You can create an amazingly delicious grilled corn salad. Add fresh watermelon juice or lemonade to stay hydrated. 

Make sure your guests are really enjoying their time by hopping in and out of your Wellis Spa as they enjoy your culinary creations.

2. Celebrate Independence Day with a Patriotic Swimwear Contest

We’ve all seen the stars-and-stripes swimsuits that circulate every year, but why not have a little fun with it? Invite your friends and family for an amazing backyard celebration complete with patio decorations, fun food, and a costume contest. 

You can encourage your guests to be classy or crazy but keep on a patriotic theme with their swimwear. You may be surprised at how creative and competitive they can be. Think of a small prize for the winner, like a patriotic firework headpiece, and have your guests vote on the best costume. Or, as the host of all hosts, you can decide who wins. 

A patriotic swimwear costume contest can really encourage a fun atmosphere at your 4th of July celebration, and everyone can relax the day away with a soak in your wonderful Wellis Spa

3. Starlit Spa Sparkler Fun

Then, as the skies darken and the rumble of fireworks fills the air, invite your guests to enjoy a firework show from the comfort and convenience of your luxury Wellis Spa. Make sure you can see an amazing fireworks display from your spa or create your own if local regulations permit. 

You could also have some sparklers on hand to share with your guests for a special little firework thrill of your own. Everyone can get in on the fun with different colored sparklers or jumbo sparkler options. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on a photo opportunity with you and your loved ones, because sparklers make for an amazing photo shoot. Make your 4th of July a night to remember with a couple of sparklers and your Wellis Spa. 

Contact the Wellis Spa Team 

Now that you’ve got the perfect plan in mind for a 4th of July celebration in your wonderful Wellis Spa, it’s time to make sure you have the main ingredient: the right spa model from Wellis USA

Contact our expert team to get all the details you need to bring home the spa of your dreams. They can answer any questions and provide you with a quote today. 

Pretty soon, you’ll be relaxing and unwinding in your very own wonderful Wellis spa, and you can celebrate any and every holiday on the calendar.

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