Find The Best Large Hot Tubs in 2023

Shopping around for the best large hot tubs? Let's make the hunt a bit easier! Check out this guide to finding the best large hot tubs on the market.

Because before you get to unwind in your very own backyard hot tub, you’ll have to pick out the perfect one for your space and your tastes. When it comes to choosing a hot tub, there are a few key questions you’ll want to ask yourself. One of the most important: what size hot tub do you want? While both small and large hot tubs have their merits, in this blog we’ll focus on the best large hot tubs.

Picture of two people lounging in the best large hot tubs by Wellis Spa.

Benefits of the Best Large Hot Tubs

There's no denying the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of soaking in a hot tub. The gentle embrace of warm water, coupled with the soothing jets and your favorite music streaming through the speakers, can melt away stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. 

But if you're solely looking for the best large hot tubs, let’s start with why you might want to push those larger hot tubs to the top of your list in the first place. Whether it’s an expert opinion from our team of pros or feedback from one of our customers, here are some of the reasons bigger might just be better. 

Enhanced Comfort 

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a large hot tub is the sheer comfort it offers by expanding the space you have to relax. A larger hot tub allows ample room to stretch out, move around, and find your ideal seating position. 

This comfort is particularly appealing for anyone who loves hosting big parties or relaxing with friends and family in a more intimate get-together. With more seating options available, there's no need to jostle for space or compromise on personal comfort, even when you have company. 

More Room for Socializing and Entertainment

Large hot tubs can easily become the main attraction at any party. Don’t get us wrong, a party without a hot tub can still be fun, but there’s nothing quite like cooking up some good food on the grill, grabbing your favorite drink, and chilling in the spa with your favorite people. 

Whether you're throwing a poolside party, celebrating a special occasion, or simply unwinding with friends, a spacious hot tub accommodates everyone comfortably, turning every experience into the social event of the season. 

More Jets 

Hot tubs are renowned for their therapeutic benefits, from soothing sore muscles to promoting better sleep. The best large hot tubs can amplify these advantages by allowing for more varied seating arrangements and accommodating different massage and hydrotherapy jets. Plus, a larger hot tub means more jets, enhancing the therapeutic benefits even further. 

This means you can tailor the experience to target specific muscle groups and customize the hydrotherapy treatment to your unique needs.

Flexibility in Temperature Control

Larger hot tubs typically offer a wider range of temperature control options. The larger water volume often means it takes longer for the water to cool down in these tubs, and more temperature control options might be added to optimize the process of heating up that volume of water in the first place. This ensures a consistent and comfortable soaking experience. 

This is particularly beneficial for those who reside in colder climates or enjoy using their hot tub year-round.

Added Aesthetics and Elegance

No backyard oasis is complete without the hot tub of your dreams, and the advances in technology and style in the past decade have made it easier than ever to find a spa that looks as good as it feels. 

A large hot tub can become a stunning focal point in your outdoor space.

Not only does its substantial presence add a bit of grandeur and sophistication, the best large hot tubs can also enhance the overall aesthetics of your backyard or patio. 

Many top-of-the-line models come with standard or optional features that elevate your space even further, like water features, colored and programmable lights, and built-in coolers.

Increased Property Value

This one can be a bit tricky, as not all spas—not even the best large hot tubs—are guaranteed to increase your home's value. This is because above-ground hot tubs are viewed as personal property, not as additions to the home itself.

In-ground hot tubs or those built into decks, however, do sometimes prove helpful for increasing your property value. A spacious in-ground hot tub might just be the detail that sets your property apart in a competitive real estate market.

The comfort, space, socializing opportunities, and therapeutic benefits the best large hot tubs offer make them a standout choice for those seeking a premium soaking experience. Whether you're aiming to create a hub for social gatherings, enhance your outdoor aesthetics, or simply indulge in a luxurious retreat, a large hot tub undoubtedly holds the key to unparalleled relaxation. 

How to Choose the Right Size Hot Tub

If you’re still not sure that you want to start your buying journey by looking at the best large hot tubs on the market, it might be helpful to take a look at some of your other options. After all, selecting the right size hot tub is crucial to ensure that it fits your space, accommodates your needs, and complements your lifestyle. Let’s explore the factors you should consider when choosing the best-size hot tub for your requirements.

Available Space

The first step in choosing the right hot tub size is to evaluate the available space. Measure the area where you plan to install the hot tub, considering factors like access, surrounding structures, and any potential obstructions. Remember to account for extra space needed for maintenance and movement around the hot tub—around three feet is usually perfect. It’s recommended that your hot tub is no less than five feet from any structures to reduce the risk of flooding. Keep in mind that you'll likely want a bit of privacy when you're soaking in your hot tub. Check out some of our favorite backyard hot tub privacy ideas for inspiration!

Number of Users

Determine how many people will typically use the hot tub at once to make sure you have enough room for the people who will use it most. Hot tubs come in various seating capacities, ranging from two-person models to larger options accommodating six or more individuals. Consider whether you'll primarily use it as a private oasis or for entertaining friends and family.

Comfort and Relaxation

Opt for a size that offers optimal comfortable seating and relaxation for your needs. Consider features like loungers, contoured seats, and various jet configurations that provide the desired massage experience. Ensure there's enough room for everyone to stretch out and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the hot tub.

This can be a hard category to consider, as the hot tub market is flooded (no pun intended) with so many jet configurations and hydrotherapy options, they can leave your head swimming. If you need a bit of guidance when it comes to knowing how many jets are ideal, a Wellis expert can help. 


Hot tub prices range greatly but increase as the size and number of features increases, typically. If you're strictly looking at the best large hot tubs such as a 7-person hot tub or 9-person hot tub, the price range will vary. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 for your hot tub. Learn more about how much hot tubs cost.

It's important to strike a balance between the size that suits your needs and the features that enhance your experience. Research the different available options and prioritize features that align with your relaxation preferences.

Aesthetic Appeal

The hot tub should complement your outdoor space and home's design. Choose a size that fits seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. Many manufacturers offer customization options, allowing you to select colors, finishes, and cabinet materials that match your style.

Energy Efficiency

While larger hot tubs may offer more seating, they can also consume more energy to heat and maintain. Consider the long-term operating costs and look for energy-efficient models with proper insulation and efficient heating systems to help reduce energy consumption. Check out our article that answers the common question, "How much does it cost to run a hot tub?"

Maintenance and Upkeep

Bigger hot tubs may require more maintenance and cleaning. Ensure that you have the time and resources to properly care for the chosen size. A larger tub will need more water, chemicals, and filter changes, so factor this into your decision.

Future Plans

Think about your long-term plans. If you anticipate changes in your household or lifestyle, consider how the hot tub size will accommodate these changes. It's better to choose a size that can adapt to your evolving needs.

By weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision that results in a hot tub perfectly suited to your needs and preferences. Remember, the right size hot tub will provide years of relaxation and enjoyment for you and your loved ones

Extra-Large Vs. Large

The dimensions of a large hot tub can vary, but they generally range from seven to eight feet in length, six to seven feet in width, and three to four feet in depth. Keep in mind that these measurements can differ based on the specific model and manufacturer.

The dimensions of an extra-large hot tub can vary, but they typically range from seven to nine feet in length, six to eight feet in width, and three to four feet in depth. Again these exact measurements can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Wellis' Best Large Hot Tubs for Sale

Everest Hot Tub

Coming in at nearly eight feet wide and eight feet long, and with a depth of more than three feet, the Everest has earned its name as one of our most impressive models in terms of size. The Everest is also our most successful product in our premium line, and features additional control panels, WiFi SmartPhone application, and Oxygen Therapy. All those features are sure to keep every bather happy, even when at its maximum capacity of five. 

Olympus Hot Tub

Our largest spa, the Olympus model measures more than eleven-and-a-half feet long by nearly three-and-a-quarter feet deep, with room for nine. That means there’s more than enough room for even your biggest party, or for giving plenty of space to every family member on a more low-key evening. 

Each of the 88 jets is carefully positioned to ensure maximum relaxation, and it's perfect for athletes—and anyone else—who needs ample room to relax or stretch their muscles.

Kilimanjaro Hot Tub

Our Kilimanjaro model is the perfect choice for those who want plenty of room to relax but who don’t have as much space for their spa. This model measures seven-and-a-half feet long by seven-and-a-half feet wide, and is just over three feet deep.

The Kilimanjaro ranks in our list of best large hot tubs thanks to its impressive number of jets (64), as well as its MyMusic™ 2.1 Pop-Up sound system and comfy seating configurations for up to six people.  

Elbrus 230 Hot Tub

Our Elbrus 230 model boasts enough space for seven, measuring seven-and-a-half feet long, seven-and-a-half feet wide, and nearly three feet deep. Its 78 adjustable jets include the WellDome™ foot massage system, and other features include the AquaSoul™ Pro sound system, exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting, and lighting waterfall.

FAQ: The Best Large Hot Tubs

What is the largest hot tub size?

Since hot tub sizes can vary widely based on the manufacturer, there isn’t one specific “largest” hot tub size on the market. However, the best large hot tubs can often accommodate 8 to 10 or more people, with dimensions that might exceed 8 to 9 feet in length and 6 to 7 feet in width.

At Wellis, our Olympus hot tub is one of the largest luxury hot tubs on the market, with the room to seat up to 9 people including two full-sized loungers. This model also boasts 88 hydrotherapy jets, strategically placed throughout its 12 feet of length. We know we're a bit biased, but we feel this is one of the best large hot tubs on the market.

What counts as a “large” hot tub?

Hot tubs that can seat between seven and ten people are usually considered large or extra-large. 

How big is a 10-person hot tub? 

On average, a ten-person hot tub will be at least eight feet wide by eight feet long, though they can exceed that measurement. Keep in mind that just because a manufacturer says their product can fit a certain number of people, it doesn’t always mean it can do so comfortably. It’s a good idea to go to a showroom to see the product in person, and even do a test soak when possible. 

What is a good foundation for a large hot tub?

The ideal base for your large hot tub depends on various factors, including the specific model, the local climate, and your available outdoor space. In general, a large hot tub will best be supported by a solid base that is flat, and at least four inches thick. Here are some common options to consider:

  • Concrete Pad: A concrete pad is a popular choice due to its durability and strength.

Before pouring the pad, ensure it's properly leveled and adequately thick to support the weight of the hot tub. Concrete also provides a clean and even surface for your tub.

  • Paver Stones or Bricks: Paver stones or bricks can create an attractive and stable base. Proper installation involves compacting the ground beneath the stones and ensuring they are level. This option offers versatility in terms of design and can complement your outdoor aesthetic.
  • Gravel or Crushed Stone: Gravel or crushed stone can be an effective and budget-friendly option. These materials provide good drainage, which helps prevent water from pooling around the hot tub. However, they require periodic maintenance to keep the surface level.
  • Deck or Patio: If you have an existing deck or patio, it might be suitable for your hot tub. However, it's crucial to assess whether the structure can support the additional weight. Consult with a structural engineer if you're unsure.
  • Prefabricated Base Systems: Some manufacturers offer prefabricated base systems designed specifically for hot tubs. These systems are engineered to provide stability and proper weight distribution. They can be a convenient and reliable choice, especially if you're looking for hassle-free installation.

Final Word: The Best Large Hot Tubs

If you’re set on a big hot tub to complete your dream backyard, we hope our guide to the best large hot tubs could help you narrow it down! As Europe’s lead spa manufacturer, we have plenty of experience in designing the best large hot tubs on the market—bringing these products and our manufacturing to the US has even helped us update existing favorites with new and necessary features, and set the groundwork for some more amazing models to come. 

If you've read through our guide to the best large hot tubs and still have any questions, contact our hot tub sales reps at  844-4-WELLIS or check out our hot tub buying guide for more help on choosing your hot tub. We're happy to guide you through each step of the process and every detail of our inventory so you can be sure you made the right decision when it’s time to relax.

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