Can I Reuse the Drained Hot Tub Water on My Spring Flowers?

You know that good hot tub water care for your hot tub from Wellis® USA means you should be draining your spa water every three months or so. But what can you do with that extra water? Can you reuse the drained hot tub water on your spring flowers? And the answer is, possibly, yes, with some considerations. 

But what other ways can you reuse that water? Let’s take a deep dive and find out. 

So, Can I Water My Spring Flowers?

Watering your spring flowers and other ornamental plants, including your lawn, is actually possible with your drained hot tub water, but there are some things you want to check first. For one thing, you need to make sure that all of the chlorine is gone from your water before you pour it on any living plants, because that would have the opposite of your intended effect.  

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check the water’s pH, too, so you can make sure it’s not too acidic or basic for your plants. A pH level somewhere between 7 and 8 is what you should aim for so that your water is actually a benefit to your plants. 

You can use your test strips to be certain that your water is okay for your plants. Or you can make sure it has been at least three days since you added chemicals. The chlorine should evaporate and be safe for your ornamental plants at that point if you keep your spa uncovered for evaporation. 

It is not recommended to use your drained hot tub water on vegetable plants, just to be safe. 

Wash Your Car

Another way you can reuse the drained hot tub water from your Wellis Spa is to wash your car. Some people may find it necessary to wash their car more often than every three months, but for others, using drained hot tub water is an excellent reminder. 

You can drain your Wellis Spa by using the valve on the bottom of your tub and attaching a hose. You can either fill buckets or spray the water directly onto your car. 

Using your drained hot tub water to wash your car is an excellent way to keep from wasting any water. Follow the same chemical evaporation tips for safe cleaning and runoff.

Use Drained Hot Tub Water to Rinse Off Around Your Yard

You can also probably find a lot of places to use your drained hot tub water for rinsing just around your yard. You can rinse that spring pollen off your patio or fresh grass clippings off your sidewalks. Rinse the kids' toys, the dog’s kiddie pool, or your own trash cans. You could even consider storing the water for future use for any of these tasks, so you really don’t waste anything.

There are numerous uses for the drained hot tub water from your Wellis Spa -- you just have to look around for them. 

We would recommend that you check with your local agencies to make certain there aren’t any rules concerning gray water disposal, which is what your drained hot tub water technically is. If not, then feel free to carry on with these applications. But if there are regulations, please adhere to those. And if you’re overly concerned about reusing your drained hot tub water, it’s also okay to just dispose of it. 

Luxury Hot Tub from Wellis USA

And now that you’ve got a game plan for your drained hot tub water, make sure you’ve got the best luxury hot tub on the market. Our Wellis USA team is ready to find you the absolute perfect model for all of your relaxation needs. Contact our team today to get started, so you can relax and unwind after you’ve refilled your hot tub. 

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