Energy-Efficient Hot Tubs: Are They Worth the Investment?

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days, but you may find yourself wondering if energy-efficient hot tubs are worth the investment. The short answer is yes! 

There are a ton of considerations to take into account and a few good reasons why we think the choice to bring home an energy-efficient hot tub from Wellis® USA is absolutely worth the investment. 

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

If you’re not super familiar with the importance of energy efficiency in the first place, then that might be a good place to start to decide whether an energy-efficient hot tub like one from the Wellis LifeLine Collection might be worth it. 

The overall goal of an energy-efficient product is to use less energy while getting the same result or benefit. So, for example, in an energy-efficient hot tub, you’d get the same relaxing luxury experience, but your spa would be more efficient and use less energy -- meaning better health for the environment. It will also save you large amounts on electrical bills over the lifetime of your purchase. 

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency 

It’s also important to note that one of the greatest benefits of a more efficient hot tub for you personally is energy cost savings. Because they use less energy, you spend less money to operate your energy-efficient hot tub day to day. 

But that’s not the only benefit of energy efficiency in general. Because of the way much of traditional energy is produced, using less of it can help reduce climate change and reduce emissions. 

So, in the long run, an energy-efficient hot tub has the potential to make a positive impact on the Earth.  

The New LifeLine Collection of Wellis Spas

When it comes to looking specifically at the new LifeLine Collection of Wellis Spas, there are some features to ensure that not only is your new Wellis Spa saving power, but it’s also the luxury quality that you can always expect from Wellis Spas. 

Then, when it comes to measuring the actual energy consumption of a LifeLine Wellis Spa compared to a regular spa, you can think in terms of kilowatt hours (kWh). 

While a typically designed hot tub can use up to 7.5 kWh while it’s in use and around 3.5 kWh otherwise, an energy-efficient hot tub from Wellis can use as little as 2.9 kWh per day. 

Energy-Efficient Luxury

And the wonderful thing is that you still get a luxury hot tub experience. Our LifeLine Spas boast an infinity jet system that ensures that your hot tub massage is everything you dreamed it would be. 

The Crystal Clean jet circulation system keeps your spa pristine for your next soak. 

The jets are lighted, the steps can be lighted, and there is a built-in lighting therapy zone system to really make sure your energy-efficient hot tub experience is incredible. 

This doesn't even begin to mention that the individual mechanical components like the W-EC Circulation Pump are designed to provide the same performance levels as other circulation pumps while using a fraction of the energy consumption. 

Our Wellis design team has even installed a new Wellis Optimized Waterflow (WOW) system with a water diverter to provide higher pressure while using less energy.   

Find Your Energy-Efficient Hot Tub Model from Wellis USA

An energy-efficient hot tub can provide you with an excellent luxury spa experience without using as much power as its standard counterpart. You can personally save money on your power bill while also contributing to making climate change a thing of the past. 

All you need to do is contact our expert Wellis USA team to get more information about your energy-efficient hot tub options and to get connected with the perfect hot tub for you. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to a luxury spa and decreasing your own energy consumption. Find your ideal hot tub today!

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