Hot Tub Entertaining in Spring: Ideas and Inspiration

As spring gets into full swing, it’s the ideal time to focus on hot tub entertaining and how to enjoy your luxury hot tub from Wellis® USA. The warm weather is the perfect reason to invite some guests, plan some treats, and show off your new hot tub. 

How can you have an excellent entertaining experience? With a little planning and a little enthusiasm, you can have an incredible entertaining venture. Let’s consider these hot tub entertaining ideas and inspiration.

Fancy Floral Fun

One of the best things about spring is the beauty of blooming flowers. You can gain inspiration from all the blooming flowers around you to throw a bloom-inspired hot tub entertaining extravaganza. 

You can begin by decorating your hot tub patio with beautiful spring florals -- whatever happens to be blooming where you are. We love the look of tulips, hyacinths, or irises. And you can get potted versions to place around your hot tub too. 

The wonderful thing about this decor is that you can use it for your hot tub entertaining soiree and then plant them in your yard so they can continue to be beautiful year after year. 

Once the area around your luxury Wellis Hot Tub is blooming beautifully, you can even consider adding flowers to float in the water of your hot tub. Just be careful about running the circulation pump or the jets. While it might be a certain kind of hot tub entertaining, it’s not the kind we think you’re looking for. 

Once you’ve mastered the floral decor, encourage your guests to wear floral bathing suits. Have a contest for the most blooms or most creative flora and fauna. 

Then you can turn your attention to drinks and snacks. The awesome thing about flowers is that there are some that are edible. Lavender, violets, chamomile, and nasturtium are all edible. You can garnish salads and drinks to your heart’s content. And you can cut your other snacks into floral shapes to keep in theme. 

A spring floral theme is an excellent hot tub entertaining theme because it can be fun and free or elegant and beautiful. Whatever your style, you can boost your hot tub entertaining skills with some floral inspiration. 

Sparkling Spring Shimmer

Spring is also a good time to spend your evenings outdoors looking at the stars. And that’s an excellent source of hot tub entertaining inspiration. 

Invite your guests over for an evening of stargazing and hot tub relaxing, and you’re sure to have an excellent time. You can even look up when the next meteor shower may be in your area for the best chance of seeing some beautiful shooting stars. 

Your decor for your sparkling spring shimmer can be as minimal or as involved as you like, since the stars of the show will be actual stars. You can decorate your hot tub area with sparkling white lights and flickering candles. And be sure to play celestial music for your guests. Just also be sure you can easily turn off those lights when it’s time to gaze heavenward.

If you’re luxury Wellis Spa is uncovered, you’ll have an excellent view right from the spa, but if your hot tub is under a porch cover or pergola, you may want to think about having lawn chairs or blankets for your guests to be comfortable while they stargaze. 

Sparkling drinks and star-shaped appetizers would be a beautiful touch to your star-studded evening. 

Hot Tub Entertaining is Easy with a Wellis Spa

The wonderful thing about a luxury hot tub from Wellis USA is that you don’t have to do much for an evening to be entertaining for you and your guests. The hot tub itself is luxurious, relaxing, and entertaining. You just have to enjoy it and invite your friends. 

And you have to own one. If you’re not yet the proud owner of a new hot tub from Wellis USA, then now is the time to contact our team to get started. Year-round hot tub entertaining will be a breeze. There's nothing in the world like a Wellis Spa in your own backyard.

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