New to Spa Ownership? Here’s your Water Care Basics Guide

The idea of having to completely maintain your new luxury Wellis® Hot Tub from Wellis USA all by yourself could be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. When you arm yourself with a few water care basics and a little information, you can be a hot tub pro in no time. 

So, what does a water care basics guide look like? We’ll walk you through a hot tub maintenance schedule that you can easily manage and adjust to your own personal needs. Water care for your luxury hot tub doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Maintaining Proper Chemical Balance

One of the most important concepts when it comes to water care basics is maintaining a proper balance of chemicals in your Wellis Spa’s water. These chemicals ensure that your hot tub’s water is safe and clean but also that your water is clear.

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re looking for a nice and enjoyable experience is having cloudy water or worrying about how clean your water is. 

One of the best things to do to simplify your water care is to prioritize a schedule that you can remember. This helps you to stay on top of any chemistry fluctuations before they get out of hand, and you can manage your water consistently. 

Test your Water’s Chemistry

Best practice says that you should test your water chemistry at least once a week. You can use test strips or kits to test the levels of certain chemicals. You’ll learn as you go all about pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer and just what to do if one is low or high. 

But the first step in water care basics is regularly testing your water’s chemistry. 

Cleaning and Maintaining your Wellis Spa

Once you’ve mastered testing and regulating your water chemistry in your Wellis Spa, you’ll want to turn your attention to the actual cleaning of your physical tub. A cover is a great way to ensure that your Wellis Spa is easier to maintain and well taken care of. 

A cover keeps your hot tub water cleaner and more efficiently heated, but it also keeps debris out. And that means your water care becomes a little easier. You will need to clean your cover occasionally to keep it in good condition, too. 

And you’ll want to clean the surface of your tub above the water line pretty regularly because that will cut down on any build-up. A gentle rinse can be helpful, also. 

Every three to four months, you’ll want to completely drain, clean, and refill your hot tub’s water. When your Wellis Spa is empty, that’s the perfect time to check out your jets and give them a quick clean. It’s also an excellent opportunity to clean out filters. 

Water Care Basics Schedule

So, what might your water care basics schedule look like? You’ll want to test your water, clean your above-the-water surfaces, and make sure your cover is clean and functional on a weekly basis.

Monthly, it would be wise to check some of your deeper-level operating components like your filters. And with the seasons, you should drain and refill your water, surface clean your whole hot tub unit, and clean your filters.

Water care basics for your luxury Wellis Spa do not need to be overly complicated or complex, but they do need to be fairly consistent for ongoing success.

You’ll likely be enjoying your hot tub often, so choose a day to do maintenance every week. If your Wednesdays tend to be slower, that might be an excellent time to make sure you’re checking the operating status of your hot tub. 

The Wellis Hot Tub for You

So, now that you know more about the water care basics for a Wellis Spa, there’s no reason to delay getting your very own any longer. Contact our expert hot tub team at Wellis USA today to learn more, get a quote, and seal the deal on your luxury hot tub. 

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