Spa Landscaping for Spring: Ideas for Your Outdoor Oasis

Spa landscaping is a wonderful opportunity to invest in your overall backyard experience. If you’ve finally chosen to invest in an incredible spa from Wellis® USA, then the next logical step is to look at your landscaping options. 

One way to make certain that your luxury spa from Wellis USA is the complete package when it comes to an immersive, extravagant experience is to be intentional about your spa landscaping -- especially in spring. 

Creating a beautiful landscape makes your entire backyard the place you want to be. And you can experience your luxury hot tub in an amazingly beautiful space. 

Let’s take a look at a few ideas to add color and life to your outdoor oasis with spa landscaping ideas for spring. 

Spa Landscaping for Spring

Your spring landscaping design should complement your swim spa or hot tub! The right landscaping design can transform your outdoor area. Add lush greenery to make your spa feel like a tropical oasis. Or try placing a pergola around your spa zone. Whatever you choose, here are just a few ideas to get your outdoor spa, and your lawn, ready for spring!

1. Adding Color

If you’re the kind of person who loves color and beauty in your landscaping, then there are several spa landscaping options for your backyard oasis. You can consider actual flowers, flowering bushes, or even shrubs that have a natural tint to them. 

Bulb flowers that overwinter, like daffodils or tulips, are excellent early-blooming options to hint that warmer weather is on the horizon. And they’ll also add beautiful pops of inviting color to your spa landscaping endeavors. 

Flowering bushes, like butterfly bushes or lantana, are another lovely option for adding life to your backyard Wellis Spa oasis. Not only will you get those beautiful blooms, but you’ll also get the added benefits of wonderful pollinators like bees, birds, and butterflies. 

And if actual blooms aren’t your favorite but you’d like a little color, consider loropetalum or even a Japanese maple tree. 

2. Spa Landscaping That Doesn’t Involve Plants

It’s also important to consider all the landscaping elements that will help enhance your spring experience in your backyard oasis but aren’t actually plants. 

You can intentionally use pavers and rocks to create a beautiful, relaxing landscape that enhances the naturally occurring beauty of your backyard. This isn't even to mention that having a beautiful deck or patio pavers around your Wellis Hot Tub will cut down on debris like grass clippings that could end up in your spa in the spring.  

Lighting is another consideration to add life to your outdoor oasis. You can choose hanging rope lights for a gentle, romantic feel if you have a covered area for your luxury spa. Or you can look into installing high-end torch lights for a real-fire feature that will lend a strong beauty to your backyard oasis. 

Don't limit your backyard spa landscaping ideas. Use your imagination to find inspiration in unexpected places. 

3. Add Patterns & Accent Features

Creating a space where you feel relaxed and at peace is an excellent way to think about your spa landscaping goals. Consider adding an accent wall to emphasize the beauty of your Wellis swim spa or hot tub. A wooden wall or even a waterfall wall can highlight the beauty of your outdoor spa area. Play around with colors, textures, and different plants to find the perfect materials for your personal backyard oasis. Install comfortable, fun seating for use while you’re taking a hot tub break. 

Your Wellis Spa is obviously the main attraction, but you’ll be spending a lot of time in your outdoor space now that you have a spa. You deserve a space that speaks to your heart. It will be an excellent space to share with beloved friends and family. 

Find the Wellis Spa of Your Dreams

Spring is the perfect time to find the right Wellis Hot Tub model for your needs if you’re not already the proud owner of one of our luxury spas. Our expert team will be able to guide you to the perfect option to meet all of your hopes and desires. Contact us today to get a quote and more information so you can start relaxing in your spa soon. 

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