The Difference Between Spas, Hot Tubs, and Jacuzzis Explained!

You have your mind set on the best hydrotherapy experience ever. But you may be getting bogged down in some of the terminologies of exactly what you are looking for. Is there actually a difference between spas, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis? Come with us as we shed some light on these different terms and what they mean.

Jacuzzis: What Do They Mean?

As you comb through loads of info online on your quest for the perfect hot tub, you may encounter different terminology for exceptional hydrotherapy. Whether you are looking for spas, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis, people often let these terms intermingle. But what exactly do they mean?

Originally, one of the first hydrotherapy experiences on the market in America was from a family of brothers named – you guessed it – Jacuzzi. In the same way that we now say “band-aid” or “Kleenex” to cover a range of different brands with similar products, the brand name became a generic term for a jetted hot tub or bath. So although many people use the term "Jacuzzi" interchangeably with "hot tub" or "spa," this isn't actually correct. (This means that a Jacuzzi and a Wellis hot tub are not the same!)

What Do They Mean? The 411 on Spas, Hot Tubs, and Hydrotherapy

In the same way, the term hot tubs and spas can also be used interchangeably. Whether you use the term spas, hot tubs, or Jacuzzis, what you are really saying is that you want a large, jetted area for warm water therapy.

And when you are looking for the best in European luxury hydrotherapy, there’s only one name that will do. Avoid big box store spas, traveling hot tub shows, or any other vendor that is here today and gone tomorrow. You need a brand you can trust to stay the distance through years of exceptional use.

Spas, Hot Tubs, and Jacuzzis: What Do They Do?

The benefits of warm water hydrotherapy are vast. From stress and pain relief to support for immunity, cardiovascular health, and sleep, these are only the beginning of all of the incredible benefits you can receive from finding the right spa for you. Although there are dozens of brands on the market today, only the leading manufacturers can deliver hydrotherapy that targets every important part of your body. 

Whether you call them Wellis spas, hot tubs, or any other name, you are sure to have the best in incredible hydrotherapy right in the comfort of your own home.

Where Does a Wellis Spa Fit In?

When you want the very best in advanced hydrotherapy, the leading manufacturer of European spas has an array of models available to meet your needs. In the same spirit of all of the interchangeable terms, you’ll encounter, the name of our spas may mean something similar, but the experience can offer a world of difference.

A Wellis® spa is an incredible way to experience all the joys of impactful hydrotherapy. You want a place for unending relaxation, exceptional massage, and ergonomic comfort. And don’t forget about exciting energy efficiency, accessories you’ll adore, and an ownership experience that will leave you amazed. You’ll find exactly that in a beautiful model from Wellis USA. Whether you call them spas, hot tubs, or Jacuzzis, your local Wellis dealer will know exactly what you mean. So, what should you do next?

Finding the Hot Tub or Spa That’s Right for You

Once you have all the terminology straight in your head, it’s time to get started on choosing the right addition for your home. Your Wellis hot tub can help you create a dedicated space of total relaxation. From morning until night, you’ll have a retreat that is perfect for solo soaks, connecting with the ones you love and even a center for parties for friends and family.

Whatever you want to call it, your spa from Wellis USA will help you set the stage for day after day of amazing hydrotherapy. Get started on your journey toward your favorite amenity at home by locating your local Wellis dealer today. Stop in to see just how incredible owning a Wellis spa can be.

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