4 Tips For Troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis Spa

It’s frustrating to sit down for a relaxing soak in your spa just to find that the Bluetooth on your spa won’t connect. Fortunately, troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis spa isn’t too complicated. In fact, troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis spa is probably much easier than you think. Even though that’s the case, if you don’t know the proper steps for troubleshooting one, you may not be able to fully enjoy all of the benefits that come with your spa. If you ever need to troubleshoot Bluetooth on a Wellis Spa, you should consider starting with the steps below.

1. Ensure That You and Your Device Are Within Range

When Bluetooth devices have trouble connecting to music players, one thing that should be taken into consideration is if it’s too far away from the device to connect to it. If the device isn’t within range that could be the reason you’re having trouble connecting the device to in.stream 2, that could be the reason why you’re experiencing difficulty. Typically if your device is within 30 feet of your spa, you shouldn’t have any problems connecting it to bluetooth. In order to make sure your device is in range, make sure that both your mobile device and your hot tub are both turned on with Bluetooth enabled.

2. Delete Existing Pairs Between the Device and Audio Station

If your device is within range of your spa, then you could be experiencing difficulty with bluetooth connectivity because of other devices that have been paired with it. If you find that your automatic reconnection functionality isn’t working, try to see if a different device has been connected to it. If you do find another device paired with your spa, all you need to do is disconnect it, and manually reconnect the device you’re hoping to play your music from to the in.stream 2 which will reactivate automatic reconnection to your device.

3. Ensure That Your Software is Up To Date

Troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis Spa could entail updating the software on either your mobile device. If the software on your device isn’t up to date, you may experience that the playback features won’t respond properly. If you notice that your music is playing from your device, but it’s skipping or not coming in as clear as it should, make sure that you don’t have any pending software updates on your device.

4. Make Sure to Open the Music Application

A device not playing music, even though it’s connected to the in.stream 2 is a fairly common occurrence. If you notice that your device is connected to the in.stream 2, but it’s not playing then you will benefit from making sure that you keep the music app open on the front page of the device. Keeping your music app open during the duration of your time in the hot tub should allow you to enjoy your favorite music in your spa uninterrupted. 

More Details About Troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis Spa

Soaking in a hot tub while listening to your favorite songs could be one of the best parts of your daily routine. Since enjoying music is one of the best ways to relax while spending time in the spa, having the steps for troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis Spa handy could be convenient. One of the best resources available for fixing Bluetooth related issues with Wellis Spas is your instruction manual. If you still have questions about troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Wellis Spa after reviewing your instruction manual, feel free to read more details about Wellis Spas online.

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