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Our Wellis Life product range will be soon available!

By April 1st, 2023News

Our Wellis Life product range will be soon available!

Wellis Everest Life - premium hot tub

The energy-saving hot tubs of our Life line will soon be available for purchase in the USA as well!

We developed them as the greenest hot tubs in the world, their energy consumption surpasses all our results and market measurements!
In the meantime, watch this promo video to see our hot tubs with renewed design and technology. 

The “green” approach and the modern look in the Renewed Wellis Product Line

New Design, New Solutions, and a New Insulation System are just some of the Ground Breaking and Game Changing Features of our Brand New Hot Tubs being launched.

We pay special attention to energy-efficient solutions, while during production we prioritise sustainability and environmentally conscious production technologies. Accordingly, our revised Hot Tubs were given the name Life, this is carried forward by both of our product lines, PeakLife and CityLife.In addition to the innovative technological solutions, our developers have also put a lot of emphasis on the smallest details of the various design elements. Already available in 2023, Wellis Life product lines will bring the unique massage experience to the homes of their customers worldwide as flagships of innovation and energy efficiency.

These will be the greenest hot tubs in the market and achieve world-leading consumption optimisation during use.

As a result of our further unique innovative developments and by using half as many hydromassage motors, we can achieve a much stronger performance and the massage experience will be even more relaxing.

This is another huge step for Wellis to become one of the top 3 Hot Tub Manufacturers in the world.