Which Models of Wellis Spas Are Sold in the US?

Shopping for a new hot tub or spa is exciting considering all of the amazing options that are available. When it comes to the models of spas and hot tubs available that are sold in the US, Wellis has incredible options to choose from. The selection of Wellis spas that are sold in the US range from technologically advanced luxury hot tubs to those with state-of-the-art massage capabilities. Regardless of what features you’re searching for in your new spa, odds are you’ll be able to find them among the models of Wellis spas that are sold in the US. Discover the incredible offerings of Wellis USA.


The Olympus is perhaps the best option of Wellis spas sold in the US for people hoping to host regular hot tub parties. With room to fit up to nine guests, there's space for everyone to experience an array of seating and jet options. Considering all of the features the Olympus brings to the table, it’s far and away one of the best spas that is currently sold in the country today.

Mont Blanc
The Mont Blanc is another hot tub capable of impressing guests, but for slightly different reasons than the Olympus. The Mont Blanc provides users with access to the WellDome™ foot massage system that offers a sensational foot massage. Additionally, it comes with adjustable water jets, along with a lighted waterfall.

Monte Rosa
The Monte Rosa is one of the top spas sold in the US that is likely to check all of the boxes for shoppers on the search for a luxury hot tub. That’s because they come equipped with everything from powerful circulation pumps to aromatherapy capabilities. The three horsepower massage pumps are likely to keep you coming back to relax in your spa over and over again.


Another spa option that is available for people hoping to purchase a hot tub large enough to accommodate multiple people regularly is the Paris spa. That’s because this particular spa comes with seven seats, each with its own massage system. For extra support, it also comes equipped with injection-molded consoles.

If you’re searching for a spa sold in the US that would be the ideal relaxation station after a long day at work, search no further than the CityLine London spa. The London comes equipped with 40 massage jets that target important parts of the body. It also comes with enhanced power massage pumps, along with the ability to provide aromatherapy. 


The Taurus spa sold in the US is ideal for anyone seeking a hot tub that is perfect for the whole family. Not only does it come with 52 jets in total, but it also comes with five seats plus one recliner. 

Boasting seven seats, the Libra is similarly capable of easily accommodating multiple family and friends. Additionally, the MyLine Libra also comes equipped with a beautifully lit waterfall and 60 chrome-finished jets. This allows for you and everyone else in the hot tub to enjoy an immersive head-to-toe massage while soaking.

From its self-sanitization abilities to the 45 massage jets it comes equipped with, the Hercules is one of the most appealing choices for hot tubs sold in the US for numerous reasons. It comes equipped with two fountain jets and 16 LED lights.

Leo P&P

The Leo P&P comes with innovations including calf massage jets built into lounge seats. It also comes with more than 30 other jets, along with LED lighting.

You can experience first-hand the types of Wellis spas that are sold in the US by visiting your local independent Wellis USA dealer. Our dealers are absolute pros on each detail of wonderful amenities that Wellis spas bring to your life. Contact your local dealer today to find the perfect spa for your needs.

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