What is the Best Swim Spa in 2022

Beginning the search for a new swim spa is an important decision. Fortunately, selecting the best swim spa in 2022 is probably much easier than you think! The process of choosing the best swim spa in 2022 comes down to your personal preferences along with your fitness goals. If you’re searching for the best swim spa on the market in 2022, then you’re in the right place. Here are some important insights to keep in mind.

What is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa combines the benefits of a hot tub and a swimming pool into one place. In fact, swim spas allow you to complete a variety of workouts that you probably wouldn’t be able to in a swimming pool. For instance, you can use a swim spa to complete workouts that simulate rowing. You can also use a swim spa to emulate swimming in an ocean or river since it allows users to swim against currents. When you’re done working out in the swim spa, you don’t have to travel far to unwind and cool down when a hot tub comes attached like in the Rio Grande W-Flow. Being able to relax and work out in the same place is what makes them sought after by so many people throughout the world.

The Best Swim Spa in 2022 is Available from Wellis

There are three sensational swim spas available to purchase from Wellis®. The characteristics that separate them from other swim spas that are on the market are immense. Wellis swim spas bring benefits to the table that range from their impactful massage features to powerful, open-water currents. After studying everything that Wellis spas are capable of, it’s easy to understand why they’re considered some of the best swim spas in 2022. The specific swim spas available from Wellis include:+

  • Amazon W-Flow

The Amazon W-Flow swim spa from Wellis provides just about everything anyone searching for a premium swim spa could hope for. Some of the features of the Amazon W-Flow include the 25 exclusive LED lights, two reclining seats, a total of 26 jets, and a powerful swim current.

  • Danube W-Flow

The Danube W-Flow also has a variety of features that make it among the best choices for a swim spa in 2022. It comes with two waterfalls along with three laminar fountain jets. Additionally, it has a smart-touch control panel and state-of-the-art swim software to maximize your workouts.

  • Rio Grande W-Flow

The Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa is another swim spa that could be considered one of the best available to consumers in 2022. That’s because this model comes complete with a six-seat hot tub in addition to the expansive swimming area. With one lounge seat and a total of 41 jets, the Rio Grande W-Flow is in a class all its own. It also comes fully equipped with aromatherapy capabilities, 18 exclusive LED lights, and a smartphone app that’s easily accessible with Wi-Fi. 

Get More Information About Swim Spas from Your Local Wellis USA Dealer Today

If you’re searching for the best swim spa in 2022, there are various reasons why you can’t go wrong with a superior swim spa from Wellis USA. Wellis swim spas are capable of providing people with whatever it is they’re searching for out of a luxury European swim spa ownership experience, including fitness, recreation, relaxation and connection. Whether it’s increased relaxation or an at-home location for aquatic workouts, Wellis has everything you’re looking for in your next swim spa. For more information about Wellis swim spas and why they are among the best available in 2022, visit your local Wellis dealer today!

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