What is the Difference in a Luxury Spa Versus Ordinary Hot Tubs?

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Are you looking for an incredible hot tub experience – one that not only meets your needs but also involves luxury spa upgrades that can make ownership more enjoyable than you ever imagined? To achieve the best results, you need exactly the right spa with all of the bells and whistles. So, what is the difference between a luxury spa versus ordinary hot tubs? Let’s take a look.

Ordinary Hot Tubs: Pumps, Pressure, and Amenities

You already know that you are looking for a space of incredible relaxation. But what you may not know is that the best hydrotherapy options come from luxury hot tub ownership.

There’s an array of hot tub models on the market today – from inflatable "hot tub" options to roto-molded spas at the entry-level. However, these will not deliver the impactful hydromassage you desire. This is because the pump speed and strength just aren't up to par.

Single pumps with a single speed simply blow air through a series of connected plumb lines, weakening the strength of the water that passes through. You don’t just want bubbles… you want a transformational massage that leaves you feeling your best. Let’s see if there are other options that can provide a better spa experience.

The Epicenter of Thermal Spas: Luxury Spa Options

Since Wellis® is based in the heart of Hungary’s thermal bathing attractions, the owners were no strangers to the benefits of warm water hydrotherapy. With a focus on excellence and quality, Wellis is known around the world for a sensational luxury spa experience.

From multiple energy-saving W-EC circulating pumps that are quiet and efficient to upgraded technology like touch screen and smartphone spa controls, beautiful lighting, UV-C and ozone water sanitizer, aromatherapy, audio features, powerful jets, and more, you can have an amazing massage experience that is enhanced by convenient and upgraded options.

With the PeakLine series of spas from Wellis, many of these upgrades come standard and are included in your spa price. Others can be added to make a customized experience all your own. Want to light the night with chromotherapy lighting? It's available. Does leaning back into the warmth of the water while listening to some soothing jazz sound delightful? It's definitely within reach! And does an array of jet options designed to target and relieve stress and pain at different parts of the body sound like exactly what you've been looking for? You can have it all with a Wellis luxury spa.

Where Can I Find the Luxury Spa That's Right for Me?

When you want the epitome of hot tub ownership, there's only one place to look. Our PeakLine luxury spa series from Wellis USA is your choice for the best in luxury European hot tub ownership. Are you ready to check out just how wonderful these spas are?

You can quickly locate your nearest independent Wellis dealer to see for yourself just how amazing luxury hot tub ownership can be. Plus, you'll have a wealth of information from a knowledgeable and friendly dealer who can help you with all of your hot tub needs in the future. When you want only the best, there's only one name to trust: Wellis.

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