What Spa Accessories are Available for a Wellis Spa?

Are you in the market for a new luxury spa? One of the most fun aspects of purchasing a new spa is deciding which accessories you want. There’s a wide variety of spa accessories to choose from, and that’s especially the case when it comes to hot tubs accessories from Wellis®. The right spa accessories can instantly take your spa experience from good to great. Here are some of the accessories that are available to make your Wellis spa soaks fantastic.

Covers and Cover Lifters

After purchasing a hot tub, it’s important to protect your investment using every resource that you have at your disposal. That’s why everyone who has a new spa should have a locking cover to secure it. Top your spa with a Wellis Thermo Cover — the cover you need to trap in heat, reduce your energy costs, and keep kids and pets safe around your spa.

Stepping Stairs and Rails

Another important facet of hot tub ownership is accessibility. A set of steps and a rail can make your spa incredibly easy to get in and out of. One of the Wellis spa accessories that can help make your spa easy to access is the SpaGrip — a rail and handle complete with anti-slip black foam for secure use. Need a boost into your hot tub? Add the WelliStep with anti-slip treads for safety and convenience. Choose both as a much-needed solution to entering and exiting your luxury spa. 

Cleaning Wand

The benefits that come with making your spa as clean as possible are immense. That’s why people who purchase a hot tub benefit from spa accessories that make cleaning as simple as possible. One of the spa accessories available from Wellis spas that helps spa owners reach those hard-to-reach areas is the Spa Wand. That’s the case because it uses a siphoning action to clean debris without electricity, batteries or water. Taking that into consideration, the Spa Wand is one of the most effective resources available for keeping your spa sparkling clean and clear.

Smart Water Analyser 

Part of keeping your hot tub in working condition for the long haul is keeping tabs on the quality of your water. The W.I.S. Smart Analyser makes it easy for you to remotely keep track of important aspects of your spa water including the temperature, sanitizer, pH, and calcium hardness levels. The analysis can be easily tracked using a free mobile app on your smartphone, too. The W.I.S. Smart Analyser also comes with individualized recommendations and tips to help maintain high water quality, as well as notifications to let you know if something in your water isn't right. 

Where To Learn More About Spa Accessories from Wellis

Even though purchasing a hot tub is a big decision, you aren’t done shopping just yet. There are numerous spa accessories that are available from Wellis that are capable of enhancing your spa ownership experience. If you’re on the search for more information regarding which spa accessories are available for your Wellis spa, connect with your local independent Wellis USA dealer today! The selection of hot tubs and swim spas, along with spa accessories, is likely to blow you away.

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