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couple in European hot tubs

Are European hot tubs better than American-made hot tubs?

You are searching for the premier space for transformative hydrotherapy. And in your search you’ve come across multiple spa brands and models that seem to have some features you might like. However, all spas are not created equal. Are European hot tubs better than American-made hot tubs? Wellis USA is here to help you find out. European Hot Tubs vs.…

What to consider when buying garden furniture?

With March, spring has officially arrived. Many people start to beautify their gardens at this time of the year, and they realise that they could do with a set of garden furniture for a group of friends to gather on a pleasant sunny afternoon. What to consider when buying garden furniture? Roland Nagy, retail manager at Wellis, will help you…
wellis hot tub energy-efficient insulationNews

Are Wellis Hot Tubs Energy-Efficient?

You’re on a quest for the most spectacular energy-efficient spa experience at home, and you have your eye on a beautiful Wellis® hot tub. You’ve searched high and low for the most comfortable and superior spa experience on the market today. And now you have one remaining question: Are Wellis hot tubs energy-efficient? With all of the insulation options at…
couple in their well insulated wellis hot tub

Are Wellis Hot Tubs Well Insulated?

In your search for the perfect spa, you are looking for one with all of the features you desire. You know you long for jets to massage and soothe your body. You also want all of the amenities known from a leading spa brand. Is incredible insulation and energy efficiency on your list of must-haves? It should be! If so,…
wellis spa accessories cover and lifter

Where Can I Get Wellis Spa Accessories?

You just can’t wait to get started on the premier hot tub ownership experience in the world. You’ve looked and looked for just the right hot tub for your home. And now you’ve found it in your favorite Wellis® spa. But you may be asking, “Where can I get Wellis spa accessories?” At Wellis USA, we have just the answer.…

WhatSpa? Best Buy Award 2022

WhatSpa? Best Buy Award 2022 Buying a Wellis hot tub is always a good decision: We won the WhatSpa? Best Buy Award for Elbrus230!   Our Elbrus230 spa is one of the most popular models in our range of products. This hot tub was specially designed to provide entertainment and relaxation for a larger group: as many as 7 people…