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couple who owns wellis hot tubs relaxingNews

Who Owns Wellis Hot Tubs?

A new hot tub brand is taking America by storm, and it’s no wonder why Wellis® spas are so incredibly popular. With innovation and luxury known to premier European hot tubs, Wellis is leading the pack in hydrotherapy. But who owns Wellis hot tubs? The Perfect Pair Owns Wellis Hot Tubs Meet Zsolt Czafik (Wellis® CEO) and Akos Czafik (Wellis®…
affordable wellis hot tubNews

Are Wellis Hot Tubs Affordable?

You yearn for the days of rest and relaxation in your own backyard spa. And you’ve had your eye on a stunning Wellis® spa that seems like it would be the perfect fit for your home. But are Wellis hot tubs affordable? How should you budget for such an important purchase? What amenities do you get with each spa choice?…
wellis hot tubs made for luxuryNews

Where are Wellis Hot Tubs Made?

When searching for the perfect hot tub, your quest may lead you to many different models and brands. From big box store inflatable spas to traveling hot tub shows, you may start to wonder what spa is right for you. Look no further than the premier hot tubs from Wellis® USA. With the leading line of European spas in the…
woman reviews her wellis hot tub while soakingNews

Do Wellis Hot Tubs Have Good Reviews?

If you are new to the world of European hot tubs, you may be wondering just how other people feel about them. Investing in your premier space for health and wellness is no small matter. That’s why taking your time to read reviews about the hot tub you have your eye on is an important step in the decision making…
wellis luxury hot tubNews

What is the Best Brand of Luxury Hot Tub in 2022?

Hot tubs and spas have been utilized for relaxation, socialization, and health and wellness for millennia. The earliest known instances of people building artificial hot water spas dates back to the Roman Empire. However, the modern spa was invented in the 1960s, and has gained in widespread use and popularity ever since. What is the difference between a “luxury hot…

The sense of nature

Wellis' new campaign slogan is “The sense of nature" In the last quarter of 2021, Wellis Magyarország Zrt. created the slogan “The Sense of nature”, which faithfully reflects the company's attitude to the issue of sustainability. 2022 will be about “The sense of nature” Thanks to Wellis' wide range of products, everyone can find a personalized accessory to make wellness…