Frog Maintain 12 Pack

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Hot tub shocking is easier with FROG® Maintain™ non-chlorine shock. With a convenient single-dose pouch, hot tub users consistently add just the right amount — not too much and not too little. It dissolves rapidly; in 15 minutes, water is clean and crystal-clear, the company says. FROG® Maintain™ is cyanuric acid free, ensuring no cyanuric acid buildup. Formulated to keep pH buffered, this product doesn’t affect the pH level either.

» Ongoing maintenance shock
» One dose delivers clean crystal-clear water
» Maintain the clean, without the chlorine or Cyanuric Acid
» For use with all FROG hot tub sanitizers

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How Does FROG Maintain work?

FROG Maintain is a non-chlorine shock that removes contaminants in the water in as little as 15 minutes. Recommended for use with any of the FROG Sanitizing Systems for hot tubs, this simple packet makes shocking easy. With no chlorine, there is no Cyanuric Acid build up that causes hard to manage, irritating water and frequent draining and refilling.

What makes FROG Maintain different than other shock treatments?

It is a convenient, one-dose packet for periodic maintenance shocking in any hot tub up to 600 gallons. No measuring needed and no guessing either – just cut and pour. Once in the water FROG Maintain quickly dissolves and eliminates organic contaminants. Non-chlorine shock means you get the clean without chlorine.

When do I use FROG Maintain?

If using a FROG @ease Sanitizing System, use FROG Maintain once a month or whenever replacing a SmartChlor® Cartridge. Add an extra Maintain packet to the hot tub after heavy use as well.

Is FROG Maintain compatible with other chemicals?

As a monopersulfate product it is compatible with all other hot tub chemicals.