3 Fun Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Screen Time

Screen time can be so, so helpful for entertainment, but it’s super easy to cross the line into way too much. Setting boundaries can be tough for both you and your family, but in the long run, it’s a necessary (and good) thing. 

The best approach? Make it fun for the whole family! Here are three fun ways to reduce your family’s screen time and still enjoy each other’s company. 

1. Family Hot Tub Soak 

One excellent way to reduce your family’s overall screen time consumption is to create a family spa night. Invite the whole family to enjoy a soak during the week. And since it’s not exactly wise to bring your screens around the hot tub, you’ll automatically be reducing your screen time. 

When you finally get everyone in the hot tub at one time, you can use the time to bond in a lot of different ways. You could use conversation starter cards to foster a fun discussion, or you could play a good game of “would you rather?” Pretty soon, the kids will try to one-up each other, and all thoughts of screen time will be long forgotten. 

This is not to mention there are some pretty cool hot tub game options you can play, like hot tub soccer. Each team tries to get a rubber duck (or your floating thermometer) through the other team’s goal. The trick is no one can use their hands. Foster that good family connection right in your Wellis® hot tub.

2. Family Game Night

If you’re looking for a non-spa-related idea, one of the most fun ways to engage your family and forget about those screens is to institute a family game night. The catch is that the games have to be non-electronic or at least not involve any screens. 

We recommend choosing one dedicated night each week where you agree to spend the evening playing board games or outdoor games with the whole family. It may seem awkward or difficult at first, but make it fun. Have a small prize or a family trophy for the winner of game night to really bring the motivation. 

If you’re having fun, oftentimes, your family will follow suit. Be sure to choose different games over time that will appeal to each of the members of your family. Some people enjoy card games, others board games, and still others physical games -- like those minute-to-win-it competitions. 

Mix it up. Keep it exciting, and pretty soon, the whole family will look forward to the weekly ritual. And they won’t even think about their precious screen time for at least one whole night because they’ll be having so much fun! 

3. Swim Spa Family Fun Time

And our final idea to reduce screen time is by spending quality family time in your Wellis swim spa. Our Wellis swim spas are perfectly designed for just this purpose. There are a couple of ways you can have fun with the whole family. 

The swimming area of the swim spa is the perfect size for kids to splish and splash and play any number of swimming pool games. That’s the beauty of a Wellis swim spa. Almost anything you can do in a regular-sized swimming pool, you can also do in a swim spa. The other wonderful part of a swim spa is that you can relax and unwind while your kids play in the spa portion. 

And if we know kids, they’ll be begging to swim and play anyway. You’re only job to reduce screen time in this scenario is to say yes and spend some time relaxing in the spa. 

A Great Way to Reduce Screen Time

There are a lot of ways to reduce your family’s screen time, but some of these ways are a lot more effective than others. Invest in a Wellis hot tub or swim spa to get your family headed toward some incredible quality time together. All you need to do now is find a Wellis dealer near you to find your perfect fit today. 

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