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Wellis’ Success Story

Hot tub producer Wellis Magyarország Zrt started from a family business of a few people and is now a globally known brand. Wellis Spa is Europe’s leading spa manufacturer, and our products are known worldwide from America to the United Kingdom. In addition to our plans so far, we are constantly working on innovations, developing new technologies of the future, and setting higher goals — taking into consideration the comfort, aesthetic and sustainability aspects of our products.



The demand for a healthy lifestyle increases the demand for quality wellness products. That’s why more and more people are choosing Wellis products across the world. Thanks to continuous development and growth since the company’s founding in 2003, Wellis has now become the largest hot tub manufacturer in the European market. Wellis expertly produces hot tubs, swim spas, and their associated covers and accessories, employing more than 1,600 skilled craftsmen and women in our 500,000+ square foot manufacturing plant. The construction and continuous expansion of the Wellis factory, which is equipped with modern manufacturing tools, was motivated by the growing market demand and the pursuit of quality manufacturing technology. Our products are stored in several warehouses. 

In the second half of 2020, Wellis also acquired our second site in Ózd, and in 2021 started manufacturing hot tubs and employing another 800 employees. The two production units are available with a huge capacity – with the ability to produce 100,000 hot tubs a year – setting Wellis up to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the next few years. There could be no more material proof of our company’s international recognition than the many awards that our products win at exhibitions around the world. They represent the excellence and quality that has resulted in more than 18 years of professional experience.

We currently sell 30,000 Wellis hot tubs per year at more than 500 points of sale worldwide. And with our convenient partner finder, it couldn’t be easier to find a Wellis dealer near you.

The Future of Wellness

The Wellis factory units are in the heart of Europe, allowing fast and safe delivery at an affordable price. We have an average of 5-10,000 pools and more than 50,000 sanitary products in stock.

Our company has its own customer service. We provide professional training opportunities for the employees of our independent Wellis partners. Wellis is one of the most innovative manufacturers today and is represented in the hot tub market with many innovations and patents.

As the result of work in recent years, Wellis has become the leading manufacturer of hot tubs in Europe and has entered the US market — the center of hot tub production.

The company aims to focus on sustainability and maintaining the production of premium quality hot tubs, swim spas and accessories. It is extremely important for us that our customers are satisfied, and to this end, we are constantly evolving and shaping our corporate values. 

Our Factory in Ózd