3 Low-Impact Exercises to Try in a Swim Spa

A swim spa is an excellent tool for all your exercise needs. The warm water and gentle currents allow for easy exercise for all ages and fitness levels. But where should you start, and what are some good low-impact exercises to try in your swim spa?

We’re so glad you asked! Let’s take a moment to highlight some excellent low-impact exercises to try in a swim spa and discuss why you might want to.

Low-Impact Exercises for Swim Spas

Low-impact exercises prioritize joint-friendly movement without compromising the effectiveness of the swim spa workout. These exercises harness the buoyancy and resistance of water to provide a gentle yet invigorating workout experience, making the swim spa an ideal environment for those seeking to enhance their physical well-being without subjecting their bodies to high levels of stress.

From fluid leg kicks to graceful arm sweeps, the swim spa offers a unique space to explore a diverse range of low-impact exercises that promote flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health while fostering a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Here are our top 3 low-impact exercises for swim spas:

1. Gentle Jogging 

Jogging is a timeless, low-impact exercise that is nearly always a recommendation for swim spa activities -- and for good reason. Jogging out of the water is great for your health, but sometimes the extra impact on your joints can be counterproductive. 

Jogging in your swim spa is an excellent alternative because the water provides added resistance without extra impact on those joints. 

It’s easy, too. All you need to do is run in the water. Be sure to lift your knees and keep your arms moving in tandem with the opposite knee. You’ll be surprised how great a workout jogging is in your swim spa. 

2. Low-Impact Rowing Exercises

Another great option for low-impact exercises is rowing. Our Wellis® USA SwimLine swim spa models like the Amazon W-Flow come with options for rowing bars to provide another amazing workout option. 

Unlike a rowing machine or even real-life rowing in a boat, the swim spa rowing option offers the same compound movements with the added gentle resistance of the water. Plus, there’s the fantastic option to rest those exerted muscles in the spa section of your swim spa after every workout. 

Making sure to move your body with low-impact movements and then resting and recovering properly afterward in the spa section of your swim spa can keep any injuries or inflammation from getting worse. Also, prioritizing low-impact exercises can also prevent some injuries, so there are benefits all around for the low-impact approach.

3. Easy Lap Swimming

It may seem obvious, but you’re likely considering a swim spa because of its unique ability to provide a lap swimming environment in a compact space. But did you know there’s also the added benefit of an entire body workout at your own beneficial, easy pace? 

One of the greatest things about all the SwimLine swim spa models from Wellis is that you can easily and conveniently control the speed and intensity of the swim portion of your swim spa because each model is equipped with the latest W-Flow technology. 

Some swim spas require you to manually change the speed and intensity. Wellis USA SwimLine swim spas do not. With the new W-Flow swim software, you can pre-program your intended workout before you begin to give your body the low-impact exercise it needs. 

And with six different speed options, from a gentle floating mode to an intense water sprint, you’re sure to get the exact workout you’re looking for with a Wellis SwimLine swim spa. 

W-Flow Swim Spa Workout Technology

No need to stop your workout to manually adjust the spa current! The innovative W-Flow workout technology integrated into Wellis swim spas revolutionizes the aquatic fitness experience by dynamically adjusting water currents and flow patterns. W-Flow technology ensures a tailored and versatile workout that caters to users of all fitness levels.

Whether engaged in a leisurely swim or an intense interval training session, W-Flow's adaptable currents guarantee an unparalleled swim spa workout. This technology not only transforms traditional swim spa routines into dynamic fitness sessions but also adds a new dimension of excitement and challenge to every swim, making Wellis swim spas a prime choice for those seeking innovation and optimal results in their aquatic exercise regimen.

Find a Wellis Dealer Near You

A swim spa is the perfect option for anyone looking to get the full benefits of a lap swimming experience and the luxurious body care of a spa. And with so many different options for low-impact exercises, the swim spa is also the perfect option for anyone who’s looking to get a little healthier but needs to prioritize low-impact options. 

Wellis offers the best swim spas on the market with the best in technology and function. If you’re interested in finding the perfect SwimLine swim spa model for your needs, call us at  844-4-WELLIS or find a swim spa dealer near you. You can see firsthand the transformational ways that a swim spa of your own can make all the difference in adding low-impact exercises to your life.

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