3 Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Your Family

Spring Break staycation ideas

Spring Break is a time of memories and joy, but you don’t have to travel far to make those sweet family memories, especially if you’re the proud owner of your very own Wellis® USA Hot Tub. You can plan your very own spring break staycation for your family. 

You and your kids both will enjoy having some fun plans for your spring break staycation. Your plans don’t have to be complex or complicated. In fact, we’ll help you out. 

Here are three spring break staycation ideas for you and your family. 

1. A Spa Day

For your first spring break staycation idea, you could plan a dedicated spa day. You and your whole family can imagine that you’re spending the day at a fancy spa, complete with an enjoyable hot tub time for everyone. 

We recommend spending as long as you are comfortable in plush bathrobes and sandals. Plan a crisp, refreshing snack spread with things like fresh vegetables and sliced fruit. Make sure to save some sliced cucumbers for your eyes to preserve the authenticity of your spa day. 

And no spa day is complete without a fizzy, sparkling drink. Consider sparkling water with fresh fruit or juice and plastic champagne flutes to seal the deal. 

When everyone is ready for the ultimate spa experience, head to your Wellis Hot Tub for a family soak. Your kids will love the fancy snacks and self-care of a spring break staycation spa day. 

2. Epic Dance Party 

For another of your spring break staycation ideas for your whole family, you can plan an epic dance party. No dance party is complete without the addition of costumes, hats, and glow sticks, so make sure that you and your whole family plan your outfits ahead. The more outrageous your getup, the more fun it will be. 

We recommend saving the dance party until the evening, so you can utilize different lights for the ultimate experience. Take turns showing off your different moves and seeing who can have the sweetest dance moves.

And if you’re so inclined, you can turn your dance party into a hot tub dance party. Use the MyMusic™ system on your Wellis Hot Tub, the LED lights, and the jets to make an epic hot tub dance party happen. It’s a night your kids will surely remember and want to replicate in the future. 

3. Bake Day 

And finally, why not have a baking day for one of your spring break staycation ideas? Most kids love baking and eating baked treats. But don’t limit yourself to only sweet treats. 

You could bake something special for each meal of the day, like cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a pizza roll for lunch, and yeast rolls for dinner. If that seems overwhelming, just do one! Letting your kids choose what they want to bake and letting them help will make this staycation idea more memorable and fun. 

You can even make something portable like a cake pop to enjoy out in your Wellis Hot Tub

A Spring Break Staycation in your Wellis Hot Tub

What’s most important about your spring break staycation is that you have fun and you enjoy your time with your family. The kids won’t necessarily remember what you do, but they will remember the fun. 

Spend some time splishing and splashing in the warm waters of your Wellis Hot Tub, and they’ll have a great time, for certain. 

If you don’t have your perfect Wellis Hot Tub model just yet, shop our website today. We can’t guarantee amazing memories, but you will likely spend a lot more time together. And that’s how memories are made and relationships grow. 

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