3 Things to Look for When Shopping for a Wellis Spa

There are so many things to look for when shopping for a Wellis® spa that you can become overwhelmed. The most important thing to remember is that if you’ve already chosen to go with a spa from Wellis USA, then you’ll be getting the highest quality product on the market no matter which model you choose. 

So rest easy in the fact that you can’t go wrong with a Wellis spa. Then take a moment to prioritize your must-haves in a hot tub. Pretty soon, you’ll have your choices narrowed down, and you’ll be certain of exactly what you need when shopping for a Wellis spa. 

1. Size and Seating Options

Likely one of the most important features for anyone shopping for the perfect spa is the size and number of seating spaces. You probably have in mind exactly who will be soaking in your spa on a regular basis, so you’ll have a decent idea of how many seats you’ll need. 

If you’re big on entertaining, you might want to consider one of the larger models that seats seven or eight people at once, like the Libra model from the MyLine collection or the Paris model from the CityLine collection. If you’re a more private person, and you only need room for you and your significant other, then the Orion P&P model from the MyLine collection could work really well. 

For most people, the size spa you need can be really helpful in determining which model is perfect for your needs. So, when you’re shopping for a Wellis spa, size does matter. 

2. Extra Features

Moving along in our list of things to look for, we want you to consider any extra features that you would want on your Wellis spa. With our Wellis USA spa models, you can choose from options like aromatherapy and color therapy mood lighting, which can help you to relax more fully and deeply. 

Some of our spa collections, like the CityLine collection, offer smartphone connectivity and smart touch control options for tech-savvy hot tub owners. This extra feature allows you to monitor and control your spa from the comfort of your own home and even when you’re away from home while at the office or out running errands. 

Other features to look for when shopping for a Wellis spa are the specific jet configurations and design intentionality for your specific needs, and the different sanitization systems. All of our Wellis spa models have amazing jet systems and highly effective sanitization systems. But those are other areas you will have options to consider based on your needs. 

3. Style and Aesthetics

And finally, when you’re looking for a Wellis spa, it’s important to find a spa that looks as good as it feels. All of our Wellis spa models are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but there are several different choices to best fit your style and space. 

You can choose from different acrylic colors for the actual surface of your spa, as well as different cabinet colors and finishes for the outside containment of your Wellis spa. All of our spas are designed to be beautiful, but we have provided options to fit the needs of your own space.

Shopping for a Wellis Spa 

When you’re taking the time to put in the research, you’ll find that there are so many wonderful options available in our Wellis USA inventory. The hard part is narrowing down just which stunning, functional spa is right for you when shopping for a Wellis spa. 

Luckily, we have many trained salespeople ready to walk you through the process and find the absolute perfect spa for your needs, whether that’s a large model that seats the whole crew or a more intimate model for optimal closeness. We have the perfect option for you. 

Find a dealer near you to find your perfect spa today. 

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