3 Things You Never Knew About Swim Spas

Things you never knew about swim spas.

When you are tired of getting dressed, grabbing your tennis shoes, and running to the gym before work every day, it’s time to look for an alternative that can keep you looking and feeling your best. And when you want a space at home for premier fitness and relaxation, here are 3 things you never knew about swim spas.

1. Workout Benefits You Never Knew About Swim Spas

Wellis® swim spa is the premier space for a total-body workout. If you’ve ever experienced the joy of a great swim, you know that every muscle in your body is impacted. 

However, one of the things you may not know is that the impact is low impact – meaning that it is incredibly easy on your joints. The buoyancy of the water supports your body in a way that is almost weightless. And the resistance of the water gives high results just where you need it. Add other aquatic amenities such as an underwater treadmill, aqua bike, swim tether, rowing kit, or water weights to get the workout you want in a space you’ll love. 

You can add the endless current for swimming or any other workout with Wellis interval training to get the benefits you never knew about. Check out the fantastic Amazon W-Flow to find a workout space that is more than ample.

2. Health Benefits You Never Knew About Swim Spas

Another thing you never knew about swim spas is that they have health benefits that are unbeatable. 

From increased cardiovascular health and circulation to improved mental health and boosted mood, a swim spa can support whole-body wellness. Advanced hydrotherapy is also exceptional for chronic illnesses and pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, muscle aches, and more. 

The support of the water makes your body almost weightless, helping give relief where you need it most. And with weight loss benefits from superior exercise opportunities, you bring exceptional fitness to your own backyard with an all-in-one gym. 

Want a swim spa that is just the right fit? Check out the beautiful Danube W-Flow for a space to call your own.

3. Relaxation and Relational Benefits You Never Knew About Swim Spas

If a space for fitness, relaxation, and relationships is on the agenda this year, you’ll find all of these benefits you never knew about swim spas. The stunning Rio Grande W-Flow is a match made in heaven – with a dedicated hot tub and swim spa areas. 

Designed with all of your needs in mind, you’ll find a premier fitness space coupled with a space for total restoration. Gather your friends and family for the ultimate in aquatic enjoyment and entertainment. You love every second you spend in your swim spa.

Want to Learn More about Swim Spas? Connect with Your Local Wellis USA Dealer Today!

Bringing all of the incredible benefits of luxury European swim spa ownership couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your zip code to locate the closest Wellis USA dealer to your area. Your independent local Wellis dealer is an expert on these 3 things you never knew about swim spas, as well as all the other fantastic benefits you’ll find only in a swim spa from Wellis. Get started on the transformational change as you experience the benefits of luxury hydrotherapy firsthand. 

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