3 Ways to Convince Your Significant Other You NEED a Hot Tub!

3 ways to convince your significant other you NEED a hot tub!

You long for a space to connect with the one you love. But how can you let them know just how important this is? Here are 3 ways to convince your significant other you NEED a hot tub!

1. Hot Tubs Deliver a Space for Conversation

When all the day's duties are wrapped up and the kids are put in bed, it's so easy to sit in front of the TV to wind down with a few moments together. But this isn't the best way to connect with your significant other. Television and electronics provide extreme distractions from connecting and conversing together. And what you need is a space that brings you together, not activities that push you farther apart.

Instead, why not suggest that you set up a beautiful retreat right in your own backyard? As one of our favorite 3 ways to convince your significant other you NEED a hot tub, making a dedicated and quiet space to converse can be just what you need to keep connected and improve your relationship.

Wellis® hot tub models like the MyLine Orion Plug-and-Play don't have to cost an arm and a leg! There are no huge setup costs and no additional electrical needed. Simply plug your hot tub into a standard, dedicated outdoor outlet to get started on your new lifestyle together. With lounge seating for two, you'll love each moment together in your lovely new spa.

2. Get Prime Relaxation Together with a Wellis Hot Tub

Is stress an issue that is taking time and focus away from the one you love? A hot tub can offer premier support for the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief. With the PeakLine series of incredible Wellis USA spas, you'll find advanced hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and even music therapy with audio options available on some models.

Design a space of pure relaxation. You'll love starting or ending the day together. A hot tub can assist you in feeling your best — making it an incredible investment when you want to convince your significant other you need a hot tub. When your stress fades away, you'll find it easier to focus on the one you love the most. And this is a return that you just can't put a dollar amount on.

3. Find a Space Away from the Rest of the World

When it's time to find some privacy together, a hot tub offers an outstanding oasis for time away. You can even design your space for additional privacy by installing a gazebo, a privacy screen, or lush plantings that make it seem like a vacation right at home. And with a CityLine series spa, the Wellis London or Paris hot tub can make you feel like you are away from the rest of the world.

Convince Your Significant Other You Need a Hot Tub by Stopping in at Your Local Wellis USA Dealer

The best way to show your significant other just how much you need a hot tub is by showing them what they are missing! Once you experience the wonder of a Wellis spa firsthand, it's easy to see the difference that a hot tub can make in your life and your relationship. Locate your nearest Wellis USA dealer by entering your zip code into our partner finder. Then, see if you can schedule a private test soak to try out the different models available.

With these 3 ways to convince your significant other you need a hot tub, you’ll be well on your way to finding the premier space for time together. Find relaxation, connection, and privacy in a beautiful new retreat from Wellis USA.

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