3 Ways to Spice Up Your Hot Tub Date Night

Having your very own Wellis USA hot tub automatically upgrades your regular date night. When you can have the ultimate hot tub date night, why would you want to go anywhere else? But did you know there are ways you can spice up your hot tub date night experience

Invest a little additional time in that extra-special hot tub date night, and you’ll fall even more in love… with your hot tub. Here are three ways to spice up your hot tub date night.

Spice Up Your Hot Tub Date Night… Literally

You know no hot tub date night is complete without snacks and beverages. If you’re looking to spice things up a little, you could consider adding a little spice to your snack choices -- literally. Chili peppers are actually considered a food that encourages love. 

You could go extra spicy with an excellent selection of meats on a charcuterie board or spicy salsa and chips. We do think it needs to be said that these choices are only effective if both parties like a little spice. 

If you’d like to try a more subtle spice approach, you can consider Mexican hot chocolate. Chili peppers and chocolate are actually an amazing combination. And bringing snacks and beverages is a surefire way to spice up your date night, because who doesn’t love snacks? Especially playful, fun snacks with a little bit of spice. 

Set the Mood Lighting

Another way to spice up your hot tub date night is by taking advantage of the Wellis USA spa lineup’s LED lighting features. Our hot tub models come with excellent exclusive color therapy lighting. That means you can set the mood with a vast array of different color options to fit your desired atmosphere. 

The London hot tub model from our CityLine collection has 16 LED lights for optimal lighting conditions. 

To make your LED lighting experience even more fun and potentially exciting, you and your partner could both take the time to choose a new spicy swimsuit that coordinates with your favorite hot tub hue. A little red number or a cool blue choice could be just the thing to take your hot tub date night to the next level. 

Play Some Spicy Hot Tub Date Night Games

And our final suggestion for spicing up your hot tub date night is to plan some spicy games to play with your significant other. Who doesn’t love to laugh? How about some predetermined spicy question cards? Or a fun and flirty game of truth or dare? 

If your date is the more serious type, consider a gentle massage or some of your favorite music to make your hot tub date even more enjoyable (if that’s possible). What matters on any hot tub date night is that you’re both enjoying each other’s company. Take the time to plan some spicy activities but be open to where the night takes you. 

Wellis USA Hot Tub Date Nights

And if you haven’t yet become the proud owner of your very own Wellis® spa, it’s time to upgrade your date nights forever and always. Take the time to locate an amazing Wellis USA dealer near you to find your perfect date night model. With a hot tub from Wellis USA, date night will quickly become your favorite night of the week.

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