4 Conversation Starters for Date Night in Your Hot Tub

If you’re never quite sure what you should say during date night in your Wellis® USA hot tub, you may find yourself channeling Joey from Friends and asking, “How you doin’?” over and over with no real progress. Fear not. We have some excellent suggestions for conversation starters to avoid this very situation. 

Whether your date has been your partner for many years or you’re just getting to know one another, a little guidance in the conversation department has never hurt anybody. Check out these four conversation starters for date night in your Wellis hot tub. 

1. What Do You Think Is Your Best Quality? 

When it comes to date night in your hot tub, there will be close proximity and a relaxed vibe anyway. If you’re interested in keeping that relaxed vibe going, you could start your conversation off with this interesting little question.

Whether you know your date well or not, getting their own personal thoughts on what their best quality is can be interesting. And then it can be an excellent lead-in to ask, “What do you think is my best quality?” Both questions can help you get to know each other better, and they’re easy questions to reciprocate. 

2. What Are Some Small Things That Bring You Great Joy?

Another great question for date night in your Wellis Spa could be to ask about what seemingly little things bring your partner great joy. Not only does this question help you know and understand your significant other a little better, but it’s also a great way to learn how to brighten their day or give them meaningful gifts in the future. 

Maybe your honey finds great joy in a great cup of coffee, or maybe they enjoy a walk in the evenings at sunset. Knowing what makes your partner happy can be a valuable piece of information for your relationship. 

3. You Can Choose One Superpower. What Do You Choose? 

If your goal is to keep the mood a little lighter, then consider a conversation starter for your Wellis hot tub date night like this one. Sometimes the answer might surprise you, sometimes it might make you laugh, and sometimes it might be more insightful than you expect. 

So while you and your partner talk about super-human strength, x-ray vision, and mind-reading capabilities, you can bond with each other and relax together in your beautiful Wellis Spa. 

4. What’s Your Biggest Fear?

And if you’re looking to go really deep on your date night, you can consider asking a more personal question like, “What’s your biggest fear?” Since there are a couple of ways to answer this question, you could have an interesting practical conversation about the best ways to avoid spiders or a deeper, more existential conversation about fear as a concept. 

Either way, you’re certain to come away from this date night conversation in your hot tub with more information about your significant other and a deeper bond. 

Have the Perfect Date Night in Your Wellis Spa

No matter where your date night conversation leads you, if you’re spending that time in your Wellis hot tub, you can be certain that it’ll be a success. Nothing fosters closeness quite as well as the warm relaxing waters and jet massages of a luxury hot tub. 

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