4 Ideas for a Hot Tub Holiday Party

The holiday season is finally here, and that means it’s the perfect time to host a hot tub holiday party. But how can you go the extra mile and make your hot tub party memorable and special? There are so many possibilities! Rest assured that as long as your guests are soaking in a Wellis® USA hot tub, you’ve got nothing to worry about. They’re going to enjoy their experience. 

So, with all the confidence that your get-together is going to be awesome no matter what, let’s check out some ideas for a hot tub holiday party. 

1. Elegant Holiday Party Decor

To start with, you can set the mood for your hot tub holiday party from the moment your guests step into your hot tub area. If you don't already live in a winter wonderland, make it so. You can hang twinkling, glittering lights from overhead or set up bright, glittery lanterns around your spa. 

Lighting is a simple and effective way to get your holiday party guests in the mood for a celebration, so definitely use it to your advantage. 

You could also consider using Christmas ornaments or evergreen boughs for some beautiful, elegant decor. Taking some time to experiment will give you the best feel for success when it comes to decorating for your hot tub holiday party. 

2. Melodious Musical Moods

As with any party, but especially for a hot tub party, you want to appeal to all the senses. You’re already appealing to their sense of touch by inviting your guests to soak in your hot tub, so don’t forget their auditory senses as well. 

Many of our Wellis hot tub models come equipped with the myMusic™ sound system, which connects via Bluetooth® to your smart device. Make sure you get your guest into the holiday spirit with some instrumental holiday tunes or some holiday classics. 

Be intentional and create the vibes you want with the style and volume of your music choices. Sometimes it’s the subtle attention to detail that makes your hot tub holiday party memorable. 

3. Epic Hot Tub Holiday Party Favors

Who doesn’t love gifts? Another idea for a holiday hot tub party is to include thoughtful party favors. The possibilities here are really endless. Since it’s a winter hot tub party, you could get each of your guests their own robe and slippers so they can make it comfortably to and from your spa, and they get to feel extra luxurious. And if you’re feeling extra festive, party hats can make your hot tub holiday party exciting and fun. 

4. Hot Tub Hors D'oeuvres

And finally, no party, including a hot tub holiday party, is complete without amazing food and drinks. Consider snacks that are easy to consume while you and your guests relax in the hot tub. How about an elegant charcuterie board or skewers with colorful fruit or bite-sized desserts? 

You could serve either hot or cold beverages like spiced cider or sparkling water. Avoid alcohol consumption while you and your guests are soaking because it can lead to dehydration and overheating. 

Whatever snacks and drinks you decide to include, just remember that as long as you’re having fun, your guests will, too. You’re in a hot tub, after all! 

So, while you’re planning your perfect hot tub holiday party, be sure you have the most important thing, the perfect hot tub. We can all agree that Wellis hot tubs are the highest quality, best hot tubs available. Find a dealer near you, get your dream hot tub, and start planning your party today. 

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