5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Tub’s Water

You know you’re supposed to replace the water in your Wellis® USA Hot Tub, but when? There are some signs it’s time, but it can sometimes feel like a guessing game to know when exactly it’s best to change your water as part of the regular maintenance and when it’s okay to let it ride a little while longer. 

We’ve got some guidelines that can help demystify the whole water-changing and water-care process for your hot tub. Guess no more and change your hot tub’s water with confidence with these signs it’s time to change your water. 

1. Lots of Foam

A little bit of foam in your Wellis Spa is normal when the jets are going. But if you walk onto your patio to see that it looks like Mr. Bubble® himself is hosting a hot tub party and you and all of your friends could make some impressive Santa beards, that’s too much. 

There are anti-foaming agents designed to help out your spa. But when it’s time to replace your hot tub water, it won’t do much good. 

Excessive foam is a good sign that it’s time to replace your spa water soon. 

2. Discoloration

Another good sign it’s time to replace your hot tub’s water is if you see any discoloration. Discoloration can look like cloudiness or algae growth. Both can be indications of a chemical imbalance, but sometimes it’s just time to replace the water. 

3. Off Smell

Our next sign that it’s time to replace your hot tub’s water is if you start to notice an abnormal smell or odor coming from your hot tub. Sometimes during regular maintenance and water care for your hot tub, your sanitizer can begin to produce a strange odor. 

This doesn’t mean that your sanitizer isn’t working. In fact, it probably means it is working. But it also probably means that it’s time to replace your water. 

Remember, your Wellis Spa is meant to be a luxury experience, and sometimes that means fresh water. 

4. If You’ve Had a Lot of People

Moving on, if you’ve recently had a lot more bathers than normal in your Wellis Spa, it might be a good and wise idea to change your hot tub’s water. Likewise, if you always have a large number of hot tub soakers, you’ll need to change your water more often. 

The reasoning is simple. More bathers mean more dirt and debris that gets into your hot tub. It’s unavoidable. And the solution is simple: replace your water. 

5. The Easiest Sign It’s Time to Replace Your Water: It’s Been Three Months

And the absolute easiest way to know that it’s time to replace your hot tub’s water is that three months or so have passed since the last time you changed it. A good rule of thumb for water care and maintenance for the average hot tub owner is to change your water every three months or with the seasons. 

Eventually, over time, you’ll have a build-up of dirt and debris accumulate in your hot tub. And the easiest, most surefire way to ensure that you’ve got the cleanest water possible is to simply change it out and give your hot tub a physical scrub down. 

Wellis Hot Tub Maintenance

Changing the water in your Wellis Spa every once in a while, as part of your regular maintenance and water care plan, is really a small portion of your time, especially compared to the amount of luxurious soaking time you’ll have. 

A hot tub from Wellis is a joy to own, and we want to make sure you have that opportunity. It’s time to find a dealer near you to invest in your very own Wellis model today. 

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