5 Spa Accessories That are Totally Worth the Cost

man and woman in hot tub with spa accessories

When you want the best in hot tub ownership enjoyment, it’s a great idea to add little touches here and there with spa accessories that are totally worth the cost. From accessibility to technology, here are a few ways you can take your spa pleasure to a whole new level.

Wonderful Spa Accessories That are Totally Worth the Cost

Are you interested in seeing just how luxury hot tub ownership could be even better than it already is? With Wellis® accessories, your spa soaks will be the favorite part of your day. Check out these incredible accessories for your hot tub.

#1: Cover Lifter

Add easy access to your life with an incredible cover lifter. A cover lifter does multiple jobs. First, with a simple flip and glide action, you can remove your cover with impactful ease. Next, your cover lifter protects your cover from being on the ground. Whether it’s in danger of concrete scrapes, dirt, pet claws and even jumping kids, it’s wise to keep your cover off the ground and protected. With the right cover lifter, your hot tub cover can even double as a privacy shield, guarding you and your family from the eyes of the neighbors.

#2: Steps and Rail

To tag onto easy accessibility, you need a way to safely enter and exit your spa. Wellis hot tub steps accomplish this task in a simple, stylish way. With a slip-resistant surface, your steps are able to withstand wet feet on exit. And the step grip also works for entry, giving you a firm foundation to slip into your spa without trouble. Add a beautiful handrail for extra support. 

#3: Spa Attachments

Next, consider amazing attachments that make using your spa comfortable and easy. Add a luxurious umbrella to shield you from the rays of the sun. Also consider a towel bar and drink tray to keep all of your items dry and close at hand. You can soak in complete comfort with everything you need in reach.

#4: Audio Amenities

Now it’s time to really boost your spa amenities to the next level. Spa accessories that are totally worth the cost extend to the technology world, as well! Adding the myMusic™ sound system or AquaSoul™ Pro Sound System can make adding ambiance so incredibly easy. The watertight sound speakers pop up from your spa system whenever you are ready to get the party started. Bluetooth® connection allows you to stream your favorite tunes, ballgame, radio talk show, or podcast directly into your spa area.

#5: Remote Spa Control

Want to change your spa's temperature, monitor water care, and filtration, or even get notices about software updates? You can have all this and more with the in.touch2TM smart control system. Just choose a Wellis spa with in.touch2 compatibility, and download the app to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll love the versatility that remote smart controls and monitoring bring to your life.

Spa Accessories That are Totally Worth the Cost are Found with Wellis USA

With a spectacular spa from Wellis USA, you can design the spa of your dreams with accessories that take your ownership enjoyment to a whole new level. Are you ready to get started on your backyard oasis?

Contact your local independent Wellis dealer today to see the accessories available for your luxury European spa firsthand. From easy entry to technological wonders, you’ll love each and every moment you spend in your spectacular new retreat.

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