5 Things You Didn’t Know About Swim Spas

man swims and two people sit in a swim spas

Oh, the wonder of an outdoor aquatic space right in your own backyard. You long for a pool where your family can swim and play. However, you also want a relaxing, warm oasis to rest and recover from the toll that life can bring. Is there any way that you can get the best of both worlds? With a swim spa from Wellis USA, you’ve found just what you are looking for. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about swim spas!

1. A Swim Spa is an Incredible Investment

The first thing to know about a Wellis® swim spa is that it is an outstanding investment. If fitness is on your health wishlist this year, there’s no better space to build your own backyard gym than in your swim spa. Swimming is a whole-body workout. And with the endless current of the powerful Wellis swim spa jets plus the advanced technology of new system software in some models, you can create workouts that are low-impact and highly effective.

Want a space to relax after a good workout or a long day? Retreat to your beautiful swim spa therapy seats. With impactful hydromassage and ergonomic comfort, you can use your therapy seats any time of day or night. And when you know about swim spas’ extra amenities like in-spa speakers, lighting, and more, you know you’ll have just the space you want right at home. 

2. There’s a Swim Spa for Any Size Space

Wondering if a swim spa can fit in a small backyard? Check out the Danube W-Flow. At less than 15 feet long and 8 feet wide, it is compact enough to fit into any space. However, don’t think that the smaller footprint means a small space inside. There’s plenty of space to swim, play, and relax. And when you know about swim spas, it’s easy to make the right choice for your home.

If you want even more space to swim and play, plus the additional option of amazing fitness equipment and accessories, take a peek at the Amazon W-Flow. At 18’ long, 7’ 6” wide, and 4’ 9” deep, you’ll have a fantastic space for the whole family. From fitness to fun, the Amazon is your ticket to a space you long to be.

3. The Best of Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Ownership

And when you truly want all the benefits of a backyard swimming pool and hot tub combined, there’s nothing in the world as wonderful as the Rio Grande W-Flow. With dual zones that feature both a hot tub and a separate swim area, you can have everything your heart desires in a backyard retreat. 

Want a space to watch the kids swim and splash? Have a comfortable seat in your relaxing hydrotherapy hot tub. Or, your partner can sit back in soothing comfort while you get in your premier workout in the swim area. Family night plans? Take everyone out to your swim spa for the best time together! You’ll love every second of swim spa ownership.

4. There are Multiple Swim Spa Installation Options

Now, where would you like to locate your spa? When you know about swim spas and their installation options, that can help you choose just the right spot. First, would you like your swim spa installed outside or inside? 

Next, do you want it above ground or inground? All Wellis swim spas have the option of above ground or semi-inground installation, so designing your space is easy. And if you want the look and feel of an inground pool, consider adding a deck or surround to a semi-inground installation for a beautiful entry into your favorite space.

5. You Can Have a Smart Swim Spa

With the addition of in.touch2TM technology, you can turn your swim spa into a smart swim spa! After your new swim spa is in your backyard, just download the app onto your smartphone or tablet for complete remote control. Adjust your temperature, monitor water chemicals, turn circulation and lighting on and off, and more. 

Are you ready to experience all of the thrilling benefits that a swim spa has to offer? Nowhere in the world will you find a better swim spa than from Europe’s leading spa manufacturer. From the compact Danube W-Flow to the all-inclusive Rio Grande W-Flow, your nearest independent Wellis dealer has the perfect swim spa for your home. Stop in their showroom today to see for yourself just how transformational a swim spa can be.

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