Are European hot tubs better than American-made hot tubs?

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You are searching for the premier space for transformative hydrotherapy. And in your search you’ve come across multiple spa brands and models that seem to have some features you might like. However, all spas are not created equal, and choosing the best hot tub can be difficult. Are European hot tubs better than American-made hot tubs? Wellis USA is here to help you find out.

European Hot Tubs vs. American Made

Across the ages, Europeans have enjoyed the benefits of thermal water therapy. From 27 BC through the spread of the Roman Empire into Europe, hot water bathing became a common avenue for relaxation, cleanliness, and societal connection. As Europeans progressed in their understanding of the benefits of thermal bathing, bath houses became the center of city life.

Hungary, where Wellis® Spas are manufactured, is one of the world leaders of the very best in European bathing. Having over 1,000 thermal springs and hosting some of the most famous bathhouses in the world such, as the Széchenyi Baths, Császár Baths and Géllert Baths, it isn’t any wonder that the hungarian-born owners of Wellis Spas set out to create the leading luxury spas on the planet.

Compared to the relatively new creation of hot tubs in America in the 1900s, Europeans have been progressing to higher and higher levels of thermal bathing innovation. For this reason, American-made spas vs. European models are at times an apples and oranges comparison. 

While affordability and accessibility are often the focus of American-made spas, cutting-edge innovation and advanced hydrotherapy are the foundation of European-made Wellis spas. Here are just some of the incredible benefits you’ll find.

European-made Wellis spas

W-EC Circulation Pump

The first thing you’ll notice as a difference between Wellis European hot tubs vs. American made is the impact of the water. Most American-made hot tubs move 25 to 40 gallons of water through the circulation system and jets per minute. But with the Wellis energy-efficient circulation pump, you’ll find almost double the circulation at 79 gallons per minute. 

What does this mean for you? The strength of powerful circulation coupled with superior jet output for advanced, transformation hydrotherapy to target the areas of your body that needs it the most. 

Wellis massage chart

Circuit Seating and Jet Variety

One thing to avoid when on a quest for the best hot tub is a spa with the same jets in each seat. Not only does this mean an enormous loss of hydropower, it also means a sub-par spa experience. Wellis spas feature six different jetted seats for a circuit-seating experience that differs in impact from seat to seat. 

Circuit Seating and Jet Variety

Water Purification

With American-made spas, you usually have your choice between chlorine, bromine, or saltwater sanitation options. But with a premier European Wellis spa, you’ll find a multi-stage filtration and sanitation system. Antimicrobial filters help to eliminate contaminants from your water. 

Next, your water passes through an eco-circulation pump and into a UV-C sanitizer and/or ozonator for disinfection. With revolutionary sanitation, hypoallergenic UV-C rays eliminate almost 100% of viruses and bacteria found in your hot tub water, leaving you with natural, crystal-clear water with minimal chemical use and expense.

Advanced Features

Add unbelievable enjoyment to your hot tub experience with advanced European features like touch-screen controls, chromotherapy, Bluetooth® capabilities, in-spa sound, smartphone remote system controls and so much more. 

These are just the beginning of all of the incredible features that you will find in a European hot tub compared to an American made model. In the end, it’s easy to see how Europeans wrote the book on advanced hydrotherapy. And they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Wellis is well on its way to becoming one of the world leaders in superior hot tub manufacturing. 

If you are wondering “Are European hot tubs better than American made,” it’s time to find out for yourself. Locate your local Wellis dealer to schedule your test soak and experience firsthand the incredible benefits of the world’s leading manufacturer of European spas.

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