Are Wellis Hot Tubs Affordable?

affordable wellis hot tub

You yearn for the days of rest and relaxation in your own backyard spa. And you’ve had your eye on a stunning Wellis® spa that seems like it would be the perfect fit for your home. But are Wellis hot tubs affordable? How should you budget for such an important purchase? What amenities do you get with each spa choice? At Wellis USA, we are happy to say that not only are Wellis spas affordable, but they are also loaded with features that will make your ownership enjoyment more memorable than you could ever imagine.

Hot Tub Price Levels

Hot tub models come in levels for both price and features, with each series of spas having an approximate range of cost. With Wellis, you’ll find the affordable MyLine series, the sensational CityLine series, and the superior Peak Line series. And we know we have just the spa to make your home retreat exceptional. Take a look at each level.

Entry-level spas: The Wellis MyLine series of spas offers the most affordable options, with the MyLine Orion starting around $7,000. With an array of models and seating options, you can choose from six different MyLine hot tub models with sensational standard features. From plug-and-play portability of the Orion and Leo to a huge seven-seater spa in the Taurus, you can find all of the amazing amenities you desire in an entry-level spa. You can also find fantastic water features, lighting, and impactful hydromassage.

Mid-range spas: The CityLine mid-range series is packed with incredible hydrotherapy and upgraded features. Lean back into the comfort of your ergonomic seats. Experience the impact of circuit seating with different jet configurations to take your spa experience to the next level. Discover standard upgrades like energy UV-C sanitation, smartphone control, multipoint LED lighting, audio capabilities, smart touch control panel, and more. You can’t go wrong with the Paris and London CityLine hot tub options.

Luxury level spas: And for the pièce de résistance, the Peak Line series offers the most magical spa experiences. In addition to standard features, find premium features like the AQUASOULTM sound system, smartphone and touchscreen controls, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, upgraded pumps, and energy-efficient power for the best hydromassage experience around.

How to Budget for the Right Spa Experience

Whether you have been saving up for the big occasion of bringing your hot tub home or you are interested in the premium line of luxury spas and need assistance with financing, your local Wellis USA dealer is your top resource. They can help you budget for the seating, amenities, features, and hydrotherapy experience you desire. And with additional offerings such as your own private test soak, you are sure to be able to pick out the ideal spa for your needs and your budget.

Are Wellis hot tubs affordable? Find your perfect spa today!

Discover your local independent Wellis USA dealer today to find the perfect spa that fits your unique desires. The answer to the question “Are Wellis hot tubs affordable?” is yes! There is an amazing array of products that you can choose from in each spa series level. And with Wellis’ incredible warranties, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have made just the right choice in the luxury European spa you love.

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