Are Wellis Hot Tubs Well Insulated?

couple in their well insulated wellis hot tub

In your search for the perfect spa, you are looking for one with all of the features you desire. You know you long for jets to massage and soothe your body. You also want all of the amenities known from a leading spa brand. Is incredible insulation and energy efficiency on your list of must-haves? It should be! If so, it’s time to take a look at the hot tubs from Wellis USA. But are Wellis hot tubs well insulated?

Why Insulation Matters

If you are wondering why insulation matters, it can actually have a major impact on both your spa enjoyment and your electrical bill – especially in cold-weather climates. Heat loss is an expensive mistake, one that costs you both financially and emotionally. You’ve longed for a retreat of health and wellness – one that offers the benefits of hot water therapy and enhanced hydrotherapy. 

But when you don’t choose a hot tub with proper insulation to trap in all that precious heat, you lose out. From tepid water frustrations and high energy bills to a heater that works more than it should, choosing a substandard spa will definitely have significant drawbacks.

Layers of Insulation

Many spa manufacturers tout their hot tub insulation properties. But when you really get down to it, all you’ll find is a single layer of spray foam that fills in around interior plumbing and components. 

However, with a luxury Wellis spa, you won’t find one or two layers of insulation. You’ll find superior POLYFOAM™ insulation with three layers of incredible protection. Your spa shell already has three levels of reinforcement. Coupled with Wellis POLYFOAM insulation, you’ll be amazed at the results.

The entire area of your shell – both walls and base – are snuggly fit with a triple layer of insulation, making your new spa one of the most energy efficient in America today. Reflecting cold air and taking advantage of premier heat retention, you’ll find your spa temperature is always to your liking.

Are Wellis Hot Tubs Well Insulated? Meet POLYFOAM Hot Tub Tnsulation.

In a Wellis spa, every exposed area on the sides and base of your hot tub shell is covered in the three layers of innovative insulation. The results are incredible energy efficiency, huge cost savings, environmentally friendly benefits and more. 

With a solution this amazing, you’ll also find insulation that is flexible, lightweight, mildew resistant, condensation and bacteria free, and non-allergenic. The advanced insulation also serves as a sound barrier between your equipment and the outside and inside of your spa – giving you a whisper-quiet, serene retreat you love to turn to each and every day.

Where to Find Premier Wellis Spas

Are Wellis hot tubs well insulated? You’d better believe it! And when you are ready to bring home a hot tub from the leading manufacturer of luxury European spas, you’ll be so glad you did. With Wellis USA dealers across the country, there is a location near you. 

Contact your local independent Wellis dealer today to discuss the options available for your home. With three layers of hot tub insulation, you’ll love every warm, quiet second you spend in your gorgeous new retreat.

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