Can My Pet Swim in My Hot Tub?

You’ve wanted a space for your whole family to gather. And making a choice on the premier backyard recreational space has been a blast. But you have one more question before you get started enjoying your favorite space at home: Can my pet swim in my hot tub?

At Wellis USA, we want you to have the best ownership experience possible. Here’s why your pet shouldn’t swim in your hot tub and what to do for them as an alternative.

The Answer to “Can My Pet Swim in My Hot Tub?”

Although we are going to say, “No, your pet should definitely not swim in your hot tub!” you are going to want more information than just a quick no. Your favorite little furballs are truly members of the family, and as such, you want them to have just as much fun in your backyard space as you are having. However, there are really good reasons to keep your pet out of your spa, and here are some of the top from Wellis®.

  1. Your pet can’t sweat. One of the prime reasons you want to keep your pet out of your spa water is because it is just too hot. People have the luxury of being born with pores that release sweat to help cool their bodies. Pets just don’t have the ability to do this. The temperature of your spa water can increase your pet’s core temperature to dangerous levels. Although your pet may be able to pant, it’s not enough to cool them quickly. Protect the pets you love so much.
  2. Spa chemicals are made for people. Next, hot tub chemicals aren’t formulated for pets – they are made exclusively for people. From pH increasers and decreasers to sanitizers, defoamers, and more, these chemicals aren’t designed for use with animals.
  3. Clogs and scratches. Another leading reason that there is a resounding no to the question, “Can my pet swim in my hot tub?” is that it can actually invalidate your warranty. From claw scratches on your beautiful shell, jets, control panel, or cabinet to clogs in your filter, problems with your pump, burned-out equipment, and major drain-and-fill situations, having a pet in your spa just isn’t a good idea.

What Are My Other Options?

You’ve made a major investment in your stunning new spa. Why ruin it from the get-go? There’s no need when you have Wellis USA on your side!

When you want to keep Fido or Fluffy close by, set up an alternative station that’s all their own. Whether you invest in a small kiddie pool filled with cold water or have the sprinkler on for them to play in when you take your hot tub soaks, your whole family can still enjoy the same backyard space together! Lean back for a steamy soak while your pets play close by.

Enjoy Your Wellis Lifestyle

Making the most out of your backyard life is made easier with the leading line of European luxury spas from Wellis USA. With over 500 partners worldwide, you can find your nearest independent Wellis dealer for all of the products and advice you need to enjoy your new Wellis lifestyle. Have a safe and fun time this year as a family with your Wellis hot tub.

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