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Wellis Everest Life - premium hot tubNews

Wellis Life Hot Tub Coming Soon

The energy-efficient hot tubs of our Life product line will soon be available in the USA. Until check out this video to see our spas created with renewed design and technologies.
A dark-haired woman soaks in a Wellis Hot Tub wearing a teal bikini. She's contemplating the signs it's time to replace her hot tub's water.News

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Tub’s Water

You know you’re supposed to replace the water in your Wellis® USA Hot Tub, but when? There are some signs it’s time, but it can sometimes feel like a guessing game to know when exactly it’s best to change your water as part of the regular maintenance and when it’s okay to let it ride a little while longer.  We’ve…
A Wellis Hot Tub with clear water is a good indication that your pH levels are balanced. This hot tub sits on a covered balcony patio.News

How to Know if Your pH Levels Are Off

A relaxing soak in your Wellis® Hot Tub is an amazing experience… as long as your water chemicals are properly balanced, especially the pH. You know when something is a little off, and that can just make the whole experience harder.  Luckily, you can know exactly when your pH levels are off and how to fix them.  What Is pH?…
3 Spring Herbs to Plant Near Your Hot TubNews

3 Spring Herbs to Plant Near Your Hot Tub

As the weather warms up, what better way to enjoy your Wellis® USA Hot Tub than by enjoying the gentle aroma of fresh spring herbs each time you soak? Not only are they aromatic, but there are health benefits to digging in the dirt and watching something grow. Then you can unwind and relax in your luxury hot tub. But…
A hot tub maintenance schedule is easy with Wellis USA.News

A Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule Anyone Can Stick To

If hot tub maintenance ranks right up there with the boogeyman in your mind, then this is the hot tub maintenance schedule for you. The beautiful, wonderful thing about a Wellis® USA Hot Tub is that it’s designed with your success and comfort in mind.  You’re already ahead of the game when it comes to water care with a Wellis…
A man enjoys a hot tub soak in his Wellis Hot Tub, while a woman considers joining him. They are on a platform surrounded by lush greenery to bring a sense of nature.News

How to Bring a Sense of Nature to Your Hot Tub Soaks

Nothing’s more relaxing than a soak in your Wellis® USA Hot Tub, but you can absolutely take your hot tub experience to the next level. If you’re a nature lover of any kind, bringing that sense of nature to your hot tub sessions is a great way to sink deeper into your state of relaxation. And that’s a good thing. …