Do Wellis Hot Tubs Have Good Reviews?

woman reviews her wellis hot tub while soaking

If you are new to the world of European hot tubs, you may be wondering just how other people feel about them. Investing in your premier space for health and wellness is no small matter. That’s why taking your time to read reviews about the hot tub you have your eye on is an important step in the decision making process. Do Wellis® hot tubs have good reviews? We are so glad you asked! Let’s take a look at online reviews and why they matter.

Why are reviews important?

Word of mouth recommendations have changed in the age of social media. It used to be a given that many purchases were made based on the recommendations of people you knew and trusted. However, with the world opening up to things like online shopping, customer service expectations, and social media and online reviews, the importance of multiple reviews and testimonials cannot be overstated.

This is even more important when you can see how a company or manufacturer responds to reviews. If there is an issue, is it addressed in a timely and professional manner? If a client is happy, does the manufacturer acknowledge and thank them? Exceptional customer service will go a long, long way in making sure you have a hot tub ownership experience you love.

How do Wellis reviews measure up?

If you are looking at an incredible hot tub from Wellis, chances are that you are combing the internet for some ownership reviews that will make your decision easier. Thankfully, as the European leader in quality hot tub manufacturing, Wellis also has loads of fantastic reviews. 

With advanced hydrotherapy and industry-leading innovation, your hot tub experience can be an unequaled addition to your life that you never expected. And when you want the best in luxury spa options, you can be confident that choosing a Wellis spa model can deliver the powerful hydrotherapy you would expect from the leading European spa manufacturer in the world.

Reviews to Use

Need some reviews to help you get started exploring the incredible models offered by Wellis USA dealers? Here are just a few!


“We've had our tub (Wellis Palermo) since November last year and there hasn't been a day we've not been in it ! The team [is] great and so helpful from the installation to general inquiries/advice. I highly recommend Wellis to anyone and I'm encouraging everyone I know to get out and buy one! We haven't seen that much of a cost increase with the energy rises due to how reliable and well insulated Wellis tubs are. Over the moon, to say the least!”

My Wellis Hot Tub

“I purchased a Wellis Hot tub recently and had it installed to a very high standard. I have had other hot tubs but this is by far the best – would highly recommend this product.”

Wellis Killimanjaro Hot Tub

“Had my Wellis Killimanjaro hot tub installed by Wellis Scotland in December, and despite first experiences being through winter months, [I] have to say it has been fantastic and deserves the WhatSpa Best Buy Award it was given. It is spacious and has enough options and features without being over the top. Great to relax aching muscles after strenuous activities…. Operation of the hot tub was explained in great detail, and post installation communication with Wellis has been excellent.”

Bring a Wellis Hot Tub Home

If you are ready to get started on premier hydrotherapy, bringing home your beautiful new Wellis hot tub is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, locate your local Wellis dealer. Next, schedule a test soak to try out the different models in person so you can choose the very best one for your needs. Then, finalize your purchase and schedule your installation. Soon, you can be laying back in the luxurious warmth of your favorite space at home – your gorgeous new Wellis spa.

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