Does My Hot Tub Require Special Care in the Spring?

We know you want to make sure that you’re treating your Wellis® USA hot tub well, and that might have you wondering, “Does my hot tub require special care in the spring?” The answer to that question is "not necessarily". 

As long as you’re maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for your luxury hot tub, there are no special requirements for the springtime. But you might want to use spring as a good reminder to do some special maintenance for your hot tub. You’re likely already spring cleaning, so why not add your Wellis Hot Tub to the spring-cleaning lineup? 

Change the Water in Your Wellis Hot Tub

Since your regular maintenance schedule for your Wellis Spa should include changing your water once every three months or so, anyway, the changing of the seasons is an excellent time marker to let you know that it's time to do that. 

Changing your water is part of your regular maintenance, so it doesn’t count as special care, but it does go a long way in keeping your hot tub water clean and healthy for you and your family. 

It can also be a good way to get your chemical balance right -- especially if you’ve been having trouble. Fresh water can be the clean slate you need to get the perfect balance of chemicals for an excellent spring hot tub season. 

Scrub Your Hot Tub 

While you’re changing your hot tub’s water for spring, you can also clean the surface of your hot tub. This can help remove any stuck algae or debris that might cause you problems when you’re trying to balance your hot tub’s chemicals. And it keeps your surface looking nice and neat.

You can use a gentle cloth and hot tub cleaner to clean the surface of your hot tub without worrying about scratching. Then you can fill your spa with water as you normally would. 

Special Care Considerations for the Spring

Some special care considerations for the spring would include making certain that you keep your spa covered when it’s not in use, although that’s true for every season. But keeping your Wellis Spa covered during the spring is particularly important because of the pollen and other debris that can float around in the air. 

Spring storms can also more readily blow leaves or twigs into your luxury hot tub. So, keeping the cover on your hot tub during the spring will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to any special care or cleaning that you’ll need to do for your hot tub. 

And Wellis Spa covers are designed for easy use and to help your hot tub maintain its temperature. So, there really are benefits all around to keeping your hot tub covered. 

Wellis Spa for All Seasons

The bottom line here is that you don’t necessarily need any special care considerations for your hot tub from Wellis during the spring. Most of the time, the care for your luxury hot tub will be straightforward. 

The best thing you can do for your Wellis Spa is to maintain a regular care schedule. Your mechanical parts will function better in the long run, and you can be assured that your water is clean and wonderful. Also, keeping it covered will ensure that there’s less work on your part. 

If you’re ready to spend your spring, summer, winter, and fall in a Wellis Hot Tub relaxing, unwinding, and entertaining your closest friends, then it’s time to contact Wellis USA to find the perfect luxury hot tub model for your whole family. Don’t wait any longer. Contact our team today. 

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