Hot Tub Covers: How to Choose the Right One

A hot tub cover is an integral part of your Wellis® USA Spa care routine. One of the most important ways to care for your Wellis Spa is to keep it properly covered when it's not in use. So, choosing the right cover matters immensely.

There are also a lot of benefits to using a proper hot tub cover. The bottom line here is that you want a spa cover, and you want one that fits well to protect and keep your Wellis Hot Tub in amazing condition. 

Let’s break down how to choose the right hot tub cover and why you might want to. 

Why Do You Need a Hot Tub Cover?

First of all, it’s important to know why a spa cover is necessary for your Wellis Spa. Hot tub covers keep your hot tub cleaner, prevent damage, and increase energy efficiency. 

With your hot tub covered when it’s not in use, you ensure that less debris flies into your water. This is good news for you in terms of having to clean it out and for your circulation system in terms of having less strain and stress.  

Particularly during a windy, stormy, or snowy day, your hot tub has the potential to sustain damage -- especially if it isn’t covered. A proper cover will protect your hot tub and the operational controls from most damage. A proper hot tub cover for your Wellis Spa really is necessary. 

This is not to mention the fact that hot tub covers are great at improving the energy efficiency of your hot tub by insulating and maintaining the warm water temperature. Your hot tub heater doesn’t work nearly as hard to heat and maintain the water temperature when the cover is on, which is good news for you and your electric bill.

Hot tub covers also help cut back on evaporation, which means you have to worry far less about water levels and chemical evaporation in your covered hot tub than you would if it were uncovered. 

Proper Cover Fit

The first thing to consider for your hot tub cover is a proper fit. The shape and size of your Wellis Spa will determine what size cover you need. Fit is so important because that is what helps to reduce water evaporation and maintain water temperature. If there are gaps or there is movement, then you simply won’t see the same energy-efficient benefits. 

Measuring your hot tub before you consider any cover is the best way to approach finding the right cover. And choosing a cover lifter can make removing and replacing your cover almost effortless.

Wellis does have its own cover options, so in all actuality, a Wellis cover will be the best fit for your Wellis Hot Tub. The fit will be an even more important factor when you choose a replacement cover.

Cover Material Options

Your next consideration would be the material that your hot tub cover is made of. Most covers are made of some kind of vinyl because of its UV resistance, but you’ll also want to take into consideration your climate. 

Hotter, sunnier parts of the country need much more UV resistance than colder climates. Colder climates need heavy-duty insulation that warmer climates won’t need to consider. 

Replace Your Cover When It’s Time

And a final consideration for your hot tub cover is replacement. Because your hot tub cover is so important to the life and longevity of your hot tub, you’ll need to recognize when it’s time to replace it. 

Rips and tears can compromise the effectiveness of your hot tub cover, so that’s a good time to consider replacing your cover. 

It’s also time when your cover becomes heavy. That likely means that your foam insulation has become saturated with water and is no longer effective. 

Enjoy Your Luxury Wellis Hot Tub for a Long Time

The excellent thing about a hot tub cover is that it’s really an investment in the longevity of your luxury spa. Your hot tub will last longer and perform better with a properly fitting, properly used hot tub cover. 

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