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How Do You Bluetooth a Hot Tub?

By April 7th, 2023News

How Do You Bluetooth a Hot Tub?

When you are searching for the right hot tub for your home, you don’t want any old run-of-the-mill amenities. You want the best in backyard enjoyment that can only come from a luxury European spa. And with music and streaming connectivity, it’s amazing that select Wellis® spa models can allow you to connect to your spa with Bluetooth® right from your smart device. But how do you Bluetooth a hot tub? And how can you enjoy your technologically-advanced new retreat? Let’s find out.

Step 1: Find a Hot Tub That is Bluetooth Compatible

The first step in how to Bluetooth a hot tub is finding a hot tub model that is Bluetooth compatible. The following Wellis USA models have incredible audio options that seamlessly connect your spa’s speakers to your phone or tablet.

Choose your favorite spa above for the features you need for Bluetooth accessibility as well as incredible hydromassage. Then, plan a place in your backyard that is private and perfect for listening to your favorite tunes and talks. Your family and friends will want to spend time with you in your new spa all the time!

Step 2: Install Your New Hot Tub at Home

With a Wellis spa, there’s no need to go through a ton of extra steps to make your backyard dreams happen. You also don’t need to drag out CD players, speakers, or other electronics that can get ruined by your spa’s water when you want a little something extra to make your spa soaks magical.

Wellis spa options come pre-installed with the MymusicTM 2.1 sound system. High-quality, waterproof pop-up speakers will be ready and waiting for you to get the party started. Simply open your settings on your smart device, turn your Bluetooth on, and search for your spa in the listing provided.

When you find your spa in the listing, simply choose your spa’s Bluetooth connection and voilà! You are ready to get started on an unforgettable hot tub ownership experience.

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Step 3: Prepare Your Favorite Audio

If you love your playlists on Pandora, Spotify, certain podcasts, YouTube, Audible, iTunes, or any other audio service, you can listen to your favorite things right from your spa. How wonderful is that? Listen to the big game, rock the day with music, set the stage for a romantic night with the one you love, or even catch up on some reading with your favorite audiobook. The sky’s the limit on the things that you can listen to right in the comfort of your beautiful Wellis spa.

Step 4: Enjoy!

The last thing to do is enjoy! Lean back into the comfort of advanced hydrotherapy. Your stunning spa isn’t just an entertainment and recreational dream – there’s an array of benefits that will leave you feeling like a whole new person.

So, how do you Bluetooth a hot tub? If you haven’t found the perfect spa with Bluetooth connectivity, it’s time to discover the incredible amenities that a spa from Wellis brings to your life. Type in your zip code to find your local Wellis USA dealer today, and stop in the showroom to see for yourself how easy it is to bring an amazing Bluetooth experience home to stay. You won’t regret bringing home the best in spa luxury.