How to Bring a Sense of Nature to Your Hot Tub Soaks

Nothing’s more relaxing than a soak in your Wellis® USA Hot Tub, but you can absolutely take your hot tub experience to the next level. If you’re a nature lover of any kind, bringing that sense of nature to your hot tub sessions is a great way to sink deeper into your state of relaxation. And that’s a good thing. 

Let’s explore some ways to bring a sense of nature to your Wellis Spa experience, so you can reap the full benefits of your hot tub. Here’s how. 


Immersing yourself in nature is a true full sensory experience, so why not try to replicate that in your Wellis Spa? Luckily, there are some Wellis models from the CityLine and the PeakLine series that come equipped with aromatherapy capabilities. 

You can choose from a number of aromatherapy scents from our Wellis line, but the aromatherapy option on your Wellis Spa can also facilitate spa-safe blends for a truly customized experience. Consider scents like pine or cedar to replicate an evergreen forest or lavender for a more floral experience. 

Whatever you choose, you’ll soon realize the power of aromatherapy to transform your relaxation experience during your hot tub soaks. 

Audio Immersion 

In keeping with a full sensory experience, you can also bring a sense of nature to your hot tub soaks by using your Wellis Spa’s MyMusic™ audio system with Bluetooth® capability. Along with your aromatherapy, you can immerse yourself in a nature experience with some ambiance. 

Consider forest sounds with birds or running water, a thunderstorm recording, or even some whale songs, if that’s your thing. 

Whatever gentle ambiance you choose, you’re sure to take your hot tub soaks to the next level with the sounds of nature. 

Color Therapy Lighting 

And in case you were worried your hot tub soaks wouldn't be full sensory experiences, no matter where your spa is located, your hot tub by Wellis is also equipped with exclusive therapy lighting. 

That means you can change the color of your water to fit whatever nature mood you happen to be in. If you’re enjoying the crisp, clear waters of the ocean, then blue is a natural choice. Or, if you’d rather experience the calm, secluded waters of a mountain lake, perhaps a green might help you feel fully immersed during your hot tub soaks. 

With the triple threat combination of aromatherapy, audio experience, and color therapy lighting, your Wellis Spa soaks can feel like a close encounter with nature. 

Hot Tub Location

Finally, you might want to consider the location and surroundings of your Wellis Spa when you seek to bring a sense of nature to your hot tub soaks. Placing your spa in a more secluded or wooded area of your backyard can help you feel closer to nature.

You can also achieve a similar effect with landscaping. Some beautiful potted peace lilies or hanging vines can give you the illusion of a tropical oasis in your very own backyard. 

Giving just a little forethought to the location and surroundings of your Wellis Spa can be the finishing touch in feeling close to nature during all of your hot tub soaks. 

Bring a Sense of Nature with Wellis

If you’re in the market for an incredible hot tub experience, then Wellis USA is the hot tub manufacturer for you. With all of the right accessories and design features, you can have the most amazing hot tub soaks of your life. 

Now, all you have to do is find a dealer near you to get started. Find the hot tub of your dreams with Wellis USA. 

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